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Sandra Scott Travels

Leslie Lynch King Jr.'s baby book

Sandra Scott Travels: Looking At The Legacy Of President Ford

The Gerald R. Ford Library in Ann Arbor on the University of Michigan’s campus has the President Ford’s baby book indicating that his birth name was Leslie Lynch King Jr. He didn’t change his name legally until he was 22. Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but was raised in Grand Rapids and graduated from the University of Michigan where he played football.

Springwood estate

Sandra Scott Travels: New York State of Mind – Hudson River Cruise

When John and I were on the last leg of our Blount Small Ship cruise, it included a visit to Hyde Park and West Point. The scenery along the Hudson River was beautiful as we passed by several lighthouses, under some bridges, and by some stunning countryside. It is easy to see why President Franklin Roosevelt said, “All that is within me cries out to go back to my home on the Hudson River.”

The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.

Sandra Scott Travels: Exploring The Flavor of Bourbon Country

John and I were invited to a wedding in Louisville, Kentucky, so we arrived a day early so we could explore Louisville. It was our first trip to the city. We headed to the West Main District that has some of the oldest structures in the city including some with cast iron facades. We toured the Evan Williams Bourbon Museum.

Saint Marianne Cope.

Sandra Scott Travels: Remembering Saint Marianne Cope

Years ago when I read James Mitchner’s “Hawaii” I was impressed by the part that dealt with the leper colony which was contagious. So great was the fear of contraction Hansen’s Disease that, in Hawaii, those with the disease were sent to Kalaupapa on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. In 1883, Sister Cope received a plea for help caring for the leprosy sufferers from King Kalakaua. She replied, “I am not afraid of any disease, hence it would be my greatest delight even to minster to the abandoned lepers.”

Historic Boldt Castle

Sandra Scott Travels: Sail Through History on the Region’s Waterways

Our Blount small cruise ship called Caribe Grande made several stops along the St. Lawrence River after leaving Montreal but first we went through the St. Lawrence Seaway locks. Like a stealth ship, while everyone was sleeping, we departed Montreal and traversed the South Shore Canal’s two locks. The St. Lawrence Seaway system is connected by five short canals that bypass the rapids. They include 15 locks 766 feet in length that are filled and emptied by gravity.

Old Town

Sandra Scott Travels: Explore the Gibraltar of the Americas

A bus tour of Quebec City was part of the Blount’s “Lakes, Legends and Canals” cruise John and I took. One place the bus stopped was high above the city at the Plains of Abraham where we learned that in 1759, during the Seven Years War, the British victory led to France losing possession of Canada. Most likely it is named after Abraham Martin who moved to the area in the 1600s.

Dinner is served

Sandra Scott Travels: Fairy Doors Open Wonderful Surprises

I love it when people think out of the box creating an unexpected surprise. Actually, there were a lot of wonderful surprises when John and I visited Ann Arbor, Michigan. John and I stayed at the new Residence Inn with a great location in the center of Ann Arbor. Luckily, someone said to us, “Make sure you look for the Fairy Doors.” Fairy Doors are miniature replicas of the doors to some of the places in Ann Arbor.

Yankee Lady

Sandra Scott Travels: Take Off In A Piece Of World War II History

John and I discovered many wonderful surprises when we visited Ann Arbor, Michigan. John was thrilled when he found out that he could fly in a World War II C-47. At the Yankee Air Museum, he learned about Michigan’s contribution to aviation history. The airport is situated on property that was also the site of the Ford Motor Company’s Willow Run Bomber Plant that built 8,685 B-24 Liberator bombers.

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