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Fall foliage along the Oswego Canal

Sandra Scott Travels: All Aboard For A Cruise Along NYS Waterways

I have always been intrigued by rivers. The Hudson, Mohawk, and St. Lawrence Rivers made NYS the Empire State. The waterways were used by the Native Americans, explorers, armies, and settlers. Not only was it a key to the development of New York State but to the expansion of the United States; and, it still is. Traveling the length of the New York State’s waterways was at the top of my bucket list.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed-in.

Sandra Scott Travels: Suite 1742 Remains A Shrine To ‘Bed-In’

One of the finest hotels in Montreal is the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth with a great location in downtown Montreal above the train station and Amtrak, the underground city, and within walking distance to the hop-on bus tour station. I think most hotels have stories that would make a fascinating book. One story the Queen Elizabeth Hotel is willing to share is the week-long Bed-In staged by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Enjoy a Savannah boat ride

Sandra Scott Travels: Savannah Is Full Of Historic, Romantic Charm

Savannah, Georgia, the oldest city in the state of Georgia, is unique, historic and romantic that never fails to charm visitors. The riverside city has small, interconnected squares and oak-lined streets with dripping with Spanish moss making it perfect for ambling.

Calvin Coolidge.

Sandra Scott Travels: ‘Silent Cal’ Hailed From Vermont

Plymouth Notch is a very small town nestled in the quiet Vermont countryside and is now a Vermont State Historic Site and the entire settlement is a historic district. There is a Coolidge Museum and Education Center plus a restaurant, general store, a few other buildings, and an operative cheese factory. The village is virtually unchanged since the time when Calvin Coolidge lived there.

City of Spires

Sandra Scott Travels: The City of Spires Has Much To Offer

Heading south? Consider stopping in Charleston on the way. Charleston has survived wars, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes – and despite it all, retained both her beauty and dignity. With more than 130 churches Charleston has been dubbed “City of Spires.”

Greeting the donkeys.

Sandra Scott Travels: Donkeys Receive Special Treatment In Bonaire

The Spanish brought the donkeys to the island to use as draft animals.

When they were no longer needed, the donkeys were set free to roam the island. They did not fare well. In 1993 Dutch Nationals, Marina Melis, and her husband, Ed Koopman, established a donkey sanctuary on Bonaire for sick, wounded and orphaned donkeys.

Columbus Statue in Honduras

Sandra Scott Travels: Columbus Traveled More After He Died

For years, there has been a controversy as to where Christopher Columbus is buried. It seems Columbus continued to travel after he died! In 1506 he was buried in Valladodid, Spain. When I was in Seville, Spain, I went to see his tomb in the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede.

Relaxing at the pool

Sandra Scott Travels: It’s Always Warm And Sunny In Bonaire

When John and I told people we were going to Bonaire most people would say, “Where is that?” Bonaire is 50 miles north of Venezuela and 86 miles east of Aruba. Bonaire was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 2010 when it became a special municipality within the Netherlands. Most people speak Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento (the island language).

Machu Picchu

Sandra Scott Travels: Peru Has Plenty To Offer

The Uros Islands are just one of the amazing sites in Peru. The islands are located near the Andean city of Puno. If visiting Peru is on your bucket list, and your travel dates are flexible, check the airfares frequently. I have never unraveled the mysteries of airfares. I have seen some flights to Peru for under $500. I find it less expensive to book the land portion of travel myself.

The Pier lighthouse

Sandra Scott Travels: Check Out America’s History On Lake Ontario

When John and I visited Sodus Point it was a beautiful sunny day. The lake was calm, there were a couple sailboats enjoying the day, and all was peaceful. Things were very different during June 1813. During the War of 1812, the frontier villages along the lake’s shore were aware of the danger with the British fleet never too far away. Some government stores were kept at Sodus Point and it was the policy of the British officers to commandeer the stores if they found the place undefended, by force if necessary.

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