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Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Teaching Kittens To Play Nice

I just adopted a new kitten, Harry. He is coal black, totally handsome, and was the last of his litter to be adopted. I think he must have been getting bored with no litter mates to play with because he seems to think I am his new litter mate, which I guess I am. The only problem is while I love to play with him, he is a little rough – tying to bite me – not in a mean way but it still hurts and he is only eight weeks old. How can I get him to stop?

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Porky and Buddy Pet Health – What Can Be Done About Petting-Induced Aggression?

I just adopted a new cat, Marvella, (no I did not choose that name, but she’s three and she seems to know it) and she seems very loving and friendly except for one thing. She will jump on my lap and act really affectionate and I will pet her and then suddenly she will hiss and try to bite me and jump down like she is really mad at me.

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Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Is Smoking Bad For Pets?

I’m a smoker. Not a lot, but maybe half a pack per day and mostly outdoors. My best friend has been nagging me for years and years to quit, but I just really like to smoke and I figure, it’s just affecting my health, which is good. But now she is trying a new tack by making me feel guilty about the effects of smoking on my cats. Is she right?

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Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Remember Safety First During the Holidays

The Fourth of July is coming up, our quintessential American celebration and the official start to summer. But remember this, pets don’t have calendars. For them a human party is just one more opportunity to meet new people and beg for food. While they are fiercely loyal to you, they don’t have a patriotic bone in their body. So please, play it safe and try to make the holiday just another fun summer day for your pets.

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Stuff-A-Bus Program Benefits Several Hundred County Students

In an effort to ensure every child is prepared for school, the United Way of Greater Oswego County held its annual “Stuff-a-Bus” campaign on Wednesday at different bus locations around the county. The school supplies will now be divided among the nine districts in the coming days.

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‘Classic Moments’ Countdown: #10 First Oswegonian, Young Steve Gioia Jr. Wins Classic – 1976 International Classic

With 10 days remaining until the International Classic, the countdown continues with No. 10, as Steve Gioia Jr. became the first Oswegonian to win the Classic in 1976. The 1976 International Classic was touted as being “an early Christmas present” for car owner Bill Hite and driver Fred Graves. It was a forgone conclusion that their far superior, four-wheel drive rear-engine Supermodified, would be banned after the season ended.

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David C. LeBeau, 70

David C. LeBeau, 70, of Fulton, went to be with the Lord on Friday August 15, 2014, at the VA Medical Center in Syracuse.

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Oswego Cinema 7 Fri 08/22/14 – Tue 08/26/14

GUARDIANS OF GALAXY PG13 3D (DIGITAL) 9:40p GUARDIANS OF THE PG13 GALAXY (DIGITAL) 1:40p 4:20p 7:00p IF I STAY (DIGITAL) PG13 12:00p 2:30p 5:00p 7:30p 10:00p LET’S BE COPS (DIGITAL) R 12:05p 2:30p 4:55p 7:20p 9:45p TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA PG13 … Continue reading

Phoenix Supports CHOOSE

The village of Phoenix community turned out in full force on Saturday for a morning of basketball fun to support its police department’s senior citizen program CHOOSE. Organizer Justus Stahrr said, “The CHOOSE program is a great example of community policing. It’s something that Chief Nerber desires to bring back to this community.”

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