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Friday’s Briefing: A Stand-Up Governor

The talk’s continuing about how to fill the deficit that Gov. Paterson identified this week.  But Paterson himself was off on a speaking tour, pressing wider issues and delivering some punchy one-liners.  That story tops our roundup of news from elsewhere.

Thursday’s Briefing: The Reviews Are In

Governor David Paterson took a bold step this week.  He declared the state to be in a recession, with its budget falling deeper into a dark pit of debt.  He challenged — nicely — state lawmakers to match the cuts he was making.  How’s his message going over?  That’s the main story in our roundup of news from elsewhere today.

Tuesday’s Briefing: The Governor’s Moment

Governor David Paterson tonight makes the most significant speech of his short tenure.  He’s confronting a crisis in the state budget and will say the money’s just not there to do everything that was planned.  His warning:  hard times are coming, particularly for state employees.

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