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DNA Experts Testify In Jones Case

Two experts from the New York State Police forensics center in Albany testified today (Sept. 16) about the green rope in the Alan Jones murder case. State police forensic expert Stacy Rack testified that she discovered “three small, reddish brown spots” on the rope that killed Erin Maxwell. No DNA from Jones was found, however.

State Troopers Take The Stand In Jones Case

Two members of the State Police testified today (Sept. 14) regarding their interaction with Alan Jones last August. They explained what Jones told them regarding his stepsister’s death. However, when they gave opinions in their answers, the defense objected. The jury can’t hear opinions regarding Jones’ demeanor because it is not part of the theory of the crime, the judge explained.

Judge Won’t Lower Bail In Maxwell Case

<p>Alan Jones, left, appears in court with his lawyer, Sal Lanza.</p>

Erin Maxwell’s step-brother, father, and step-mother remain in jail as a judge refused to lower their bail. Alan Jones was arraigned on a charge of second-degree murder in connection with her death. Her father and step-mother are each facing six counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police: Arrests Bring ‘Justice For Erin’

Oswego County District Attorney Donald Dodd and state police Captain Mark Lincoln discuss arrests made in the Erin Maxwell death investigation.

Before she died Aug. 30, police say 11-year-old Erin Maxwell lived in difficult conditions at her home on Route 264 with her father, step-mother and step brother. Tuesday morning, police arrested Lindsey and Lynn Maxwell, charging each with six counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Lynn Maxwell’s son, Alan Jones was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly causing Erin’s death.

Arnold Granted Conditional Release


A former daycare provider who was convicted of endangering the welfare of a child earlier this year has been released from the Oswego County jail. Audrey Arnold, who was found guilty March 31 after a four-day trial, was sentenced to serve one year in jail June 3; convicted of causing injuries to Fajo Edward while he was in her care May 31, 2006. The child’s parents say they were not aware that Arnold had been released, nor were they notified that she was being considered for release.

Officials Update Homicide Investigation


Two weeks since the death of 11-year-old Erin Maxwell, state police still have little to say about why the girl is dead. They won’t comment about potential suspects related to her death. They are, however, revealing a few more details about the conditions that she lived under at 1678 state Route 264 in Palermo.