‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ at MAM Elementary

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The ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ cast of characters from Anne Farley’s 1st grade class at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School in Phoenix includes Marcus Berube as Herb, The Gardener; Brooke Shuster as the Rose; Brianna Gates as the Tulip; Sarah Bower as the Daffodil; Nicollette D’Arrigo as the Daisy; Hannah Sallis as the Chrysanthemum; Danielle Lefebvre as the Sunflower; Garrett Watkins as the Scarecrow; Jada Edwards as the Bunny; Dakota Green as the Crabby Cabbage; Sarena Pullen as the Potato; Johnna Harke as the Carrot; Jeffrey Lamach, Dustin Kimball and Emily Sitts as Little Gardeners; Macie Garrison, Chanse Huth and Andrew Jones as Children.

The students in Anne Farley’s 1st grade class at Michael A. Maroun Elementary in Phoenix celebrated how much they have grown and learned this school year by performing a play for their parents and community members.

Students started the play by walking onto the stage, introducing themselves to the audience members, and explaining which character they would be playing. The play, “How Does Your Garden Grow,” follows a gardener’s journey to overcome weeds and other obstacles to grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.

A variety of flowers, a scarecrow, a bunny, weeds and one crabby cabbage were just a few of the colorful and funny characters that helped Herb, the gardener, tell the story about growing a garden and making it the best it can be.

In addition to their imaginative costumes, the students made all of the artwork used for the play’s scenery and presented their family with a potted flower.

Following the play’s conclusion, Farley thanked everyone for coming and said, “It’s been a wonderful year having your children in my class… it’s amazing how much they’ve grown.”