‘Show of Love’ At Granby Elementary

Submitted Article

GRANBY, NY – Joe Trionfero’s ‘Show of Love’ made a stop recently at Granby Elementary to perform a character education assembly for the students.

As school psychologist Ellen VanVliet looks on, Joe Trionfero asks sixth grader Dean Smith to think of Granby Elementary Principal Barb Hubbard’s most important school rule during his ‘Show of Love’ assembly.The show aims at building character through music, fun and audience participation.

As students poured into the cafeteria they soon realized the upcoming show would not be one of dancing and singing, but listening and learning.

The fast-paced high-energy presentation, “Are You Listening” re-enforces Fulton City School District’s character-expectations campaign to be respectful, responsible and follow school rules.

Tim Rose (sixth grade) and Adam Venton (kindergarten) of Granby Elementary School stop for a moment to think of the best way to show kindness at Joe Trionfero’s ‘Show of Love’ assembly at Granby Elementary School.Trionfero asked the students to compete against their teachers in a listening challenge to name songs, television shows, and movie titles.

Students with the correct answers were asked to come forward and give an example of a how to be responsible, make correct choices, follow the rules and do the right thing.

Students talked about classroom rules, school rules, respectfulness, how to be kind and helpful and how to treat others.

Granby Elementary Principal, Barb Hubbard, was most impressed by the students’ answers and proud of their courtesy and respectfulness during the “Show of Love.”

She said, “All you need to do to be successful is to listen. Life is easy if you listen.”