“Be Historical. Keep Our History Alive!” Campaign Starts Soon

Starting at the end of July the Oswego County Historical Society will begin this year’s fundraising program known as “Be Historical. Keep Our History Alive”. The program will be supported by local businesses and merchants in the area.

Participating businesses will encourage visitors and patrons to support the Historical Society’s efforts to keep the Richardson-Bates House Museum open and continue to protect thousands of items in its permanent collection. Businesses may choose to participate by offering interesting fact sheets to their customers, displaying collection cans on their counters, adding donations to customers bills if requested, raffling lottery tickets or days of casual dress, or many other creative ideas.

“We invite businesses to be a part of this effort to help preserve the history and heritage of Oswego County,” said project chairperson Meg Schneider. “Our history is such a vital part of what we are as a community, and as we have lost funding from the local and state government, we are pursuing new fundraising efforts to keep history alive.”

The Oswego County Historical Society is located at the beautiful Richardson-Bates House Museum at 135 East Third Street in Oswego. The museum is open for tours Thursday through Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. from April through December. For more information call 343-1342.