“The Hot Shoe” Chuck Hossfeld Continues His Hot Streak with DTRP ROC Win

Scherer, Buchanan, Hamman, & Fidanza Also Take Home Wins

***Dunn Tire Press***

Lancaster, New York – The “Mighty Modifieds” returned home to Dunn Tire Raceway Park on Saturday as the Race of Champions Modified Tour rolled into town for a 75 lap feature event.  Mother Nature had backed off her earlier threats of rain as the night turned out to be perfect racing weather. Chuck Hossfeld continued his impressive win streak on the ROC tour, capturing his third win in three races on the tour.  Daren Schere won the first Legends race of the season at DTRP while Charles Buchanan captured his second 4 Cylinder feature win.  Kris Hamman took home his first Street Stock checkered flag of the season while Sege Fidanza took home his second consecutive Sportsman feature win.

The night’s action began on the DTRP ¼ mile inner oval as the Legends took to the track for their first DTRP appearance of the season.  Charlie Neumann started on the pole and held onto the top spot for the first three laps.  However, a leader change was brewing as Jake Vernon challenged Neumann for the top spot on lap three and won.  The top spot still was still up for grabs though as Daren Scherer, pulling double duty in both the Legend and Modified divisions, got by Vernon on lap seven.  It was smooth sailing for Scherer from that point on as he went on win the Legends fifteen lap feature event.

The action continued on the inner oval as the 4 Cylinders lined up to take the green flag.  Derrick Brant, Tim Durfy, Deb Jurek, and Charles Buchanan led the field to green.  Brant, however, was unable to hold the point position and Jurek took advantage, jumping into the lead.  She wasn’t alone though as Cassie McGrath, who had started fifth, and Dan Roesch ran right behind her.  McGrath and Roesch were running a bit too competitively though as contact was made, causing Roesch to spin and McGrath sent tail for contact on lap four.  The restart put Buchanan on the front row next to Jurek.  Buchanan took advantage of the situation just three laps later as he dove under Jurek for the lead.  Buchanan wasted no time in building a healthy lead for himself and remained virtually unchallenged for the remainder of the race, crossing the finish line first and taking home his second DTRP feature win in the past two races.

The racing action switched to the 5/8th mile oval for the next feature event – the feature event everyone in the crowd was waiting for – the Race of Champions Modified Tour 75 lap main event.  The top twelve starters had redrawn for position and it was Mike Leaty pulling the pole position chip.  Wilbur Hebing, Erick Rudolph, Billy Putney, and Daren Scherer rounded out the top five starters in the 25 car field.  At the drop of the green it was Leaty and Hebing drag racing, side by side, for the lead.  Leaty held off the challenger and took sole possession of the lead.  The field quickly ducked into single file formation with Leaty, Hebing, and Rudolph leading the way.  The race began to develop a “clean and green” feel with the laps clicking off without incident.  On lap 16 Rudolph passed Hebing for second while further back Chuck Hossfeld was on the move.  Hossfeld, who had started eighth, was up to sixth by lap 20, fifth on lap 22, fourth on lap 24, and third on lap 31.  Finally the race’s first yellow flag appeared on lap 33 and almost every competitor took advantage of the break in the action to head pitside for a new tire.  The top sixteen cars stayed out while Bob Reis and Matt Hirschman decided to stay out.  Hossfeld won the pit contest and was the first car back out after pitting.  Mike Leaty, Rudolph, Billy Putney, and Rusty Smith followed.  The double file restart had Reis and Hirschman leading the way and Hirschman took advantage of the situation and took the lead at the drop of the green.  Three yellow flags were displayed on lap 37 and Hirschman managed to hold his lead on each restart, with Hossfeld stationed at his side each start.  The second yellow flag took out one of Hirschman’s main competitors as Mike Leaty had a tire go down and hit the turn one Thermal Foam.

At the halfway point, Hirschman led Hossfeld, Rudolph, Hebing, Jan Leaty, and Tom McGrath.  The top five remained single file and Hirschman was trying to build a lead ahead of the field.  Soon Hirschman and Hossfeld had separated from the rest of the field by ten car lengths, however Hossfeld had moved right up to Hirschman’s bumper and began looking for a way around the leader.  Hossfeld found the way on lap 55, diving under Hirschman to take the lead.  As the laps clicked away Hossfeld held onto the lead, with Hirschman still within striking distance however.  With just nine laps to go the yellow caution flag appeared and the stage was set for a showdown.  Hossfeld now had Hirschman, Rudolph, Smith, and J.Leaty right on his tail.  The leaders stayed single file and Hirschman and Rudolph stayed right with Hossfeld.  Hirschman was all over the leader, looking high and low for a way around.  However, Hossfeld held onto his lead and crossed the finish line first, taking home back to back wins in two nights and his third in a row in the Race of Champions tour – even with a left rear tire that was flat which was discovered in Victory Lane.

The night’s racing action wasn’t finished though as the Able Agency Insurance Street Stocks took to the track next for their 25 lap main event.  Scott Mutka led the field to the starting line and maintained his top spot as the rest of the field scrambled behind him.  Cory Gallagher, who had started fourth, jumped into second.  By lap eight though Mike Nash had moved up into second from his sixth place starting spot and took the lead from Mutka.  At the halfway point of the night the top four of Nash, Kris Hamman, John Hewson Jr., and Nate Straus were nose to tail, slicing and dicing for position.  Hamman dove under Nash on lap 18 to take the lead and immediately set off building quite a lead.  Behind Hamman, Nash now had to deal with Hewson, who went high and low looking for any way around the second place car.  With second place on back racing hard for position, Hamman built a considerable lead over the field and grabbed the checkered flag for his first DTRP Street Stock win of the season.

The last feature of the night was the Sportsman 35 lap race.  After a yellow on the initial start, a complete restart saw Sherri Hogan and Russ Gian race side by side for the lead.  Gian prevailed but not for long as Sege Fidanza, who had started fifth, went to the outside of Gian and took the lead on lap two.  With a yellow flag on lap two, a double file restart allowed Andy Jankowiak to slot into the second position, while Gian fell back through the field with apparent mechanical problems.  Fidanza and Jankowiak quickly distanced themselves from the rest of the field, while Billy Burd and Tom McGrath ran a distant third and fourth.  At the halfway point, Fidanza was all alone up front while Jankowiak tried to close the distance between them.  Further back, McGrath began his march to the front by passing Burd on lap twenty for third position.  On lap 27, Jankowiak used lap traffic to get under Fidanza to temporarily take the lead.  A single file restart on lap 27 allowed Fidanza to dive under Jankowiak and reclaim the top spot.  As the laps wound down, Fidanza re-asserted his dominance over the field while Jankowiak and McGrath held steady in the second and third spots.  Fidanza cruised on home to capture his 126th DTRP win and his second Sportsman win in a row.

The Stock Cars are off for two weeks at Dunn Tire Raceway Park and will return on Saturday, July 10th for a 6 division show – Legends, TQ Midgets, 4 Cylinders, Street Stocks, Sportsman, and Modifieds for a 50 lap main event!!

Race of Champions Modified Tour Feature Finish (6/19/10): Chuck Hossfeld, Matt Hirschman, Erick Rudolph, Rusty Smith, Jan Leaty, Tom McGrath, Daren Scherer, TJ Potrzebowski, Billy Putney, Doug Reaume, Michael Speeney, Bob Reis, Patrick Emerling, Zach Shove, Wilbur Hebing, Karl Hehr, Mike Leaty, Jeff Hamman, Ricky Kluth, Tommy Cloce, Kyle Ebersole, Ronnie Smith, Kevin Timmerman, Matt Clemens, Dave Wollaber  DNS: Jim Storace

Heat Winners: Scherer, Hossfeld, Hamman

Sportsman Feature Finish (6/19/10): Sege Fidanza, Andy Jankowiak, Tom McGrath, Billy Burd, Joe Evans, Ed Weber, Jimmy Zacharias, Mike Fiebelkorn, Kevin Lewis, Glenn Attanasio, Dick Kluth, Matt Jurek, Russ Gian, Mark Pennell, John Julicher Jr., Frank Batista Jr., Sherri Hogan

Lap Leaders: 1 Gian; 2-26 Fidanza; 27 Jankowiak; 28-35 Fidanza

Heat Winners: Hogan, Jankowiak

Able Agency Insurance Street Stock Feature Finish (6/19/10): Kris Hamman, Mike Nash, John Hewson Jr., Kevin Mendel, Nate Straus, Cory Gallagher, Keith Flanigan, Joe Light, Scott Mutka, Rick Ortwein, Ed Nowak, Joe Haley, Matt Druar, Chip Wood, Gary Light, Kevin Tarbox, Paul Tessier, Dana Fogle, Mike Weston, Bob Blaszak

Lap Leaders: 1-7 Mutka; 8-18 Nash; 19-25 Hamman

Heat Winners: Mendel, Nash

4 Cylinder Feature Finish (6/19/10): Charles Buchanan, Deb Jurek, Ken Hejna, Dan Roesch, Cassie McGrath, Dean Siminski, Jayme Thompson, Tim Durfy, Derrick Brant, Brian Frost, Christine Hanel, Christopher Foot

Lap Leaders: 1-8 Jurek; 9-20 Buchanan

Heat Winners: Buchanan, Jurek

Legends Feature Finish (6/19/10): Daren Scherer, Jake Vernon, Brad Salatino, Charlie Neumann, Beth Scherer, Randy Salatino

Lap Leaders: 1-3 Neumann, 4-7 Vernon; 8-15 Scherer

Heat Winner: Scherer

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