05/02/2010 – Chairs With Flairs: Paint a Chair!

pChairs with Flair event:/ppThe Art Association of Oswego is beginning a summer long series of Saturday Morning Workshops from 10:00 to noon./ppDifferent Saturdays, different mediums or skills./ppSaturdays in May will be Chairs With Flair hosted by Laurie Kester./ppNo registration needed; $5.00 per hour for non-members; free for AAO members./ppThe AAO is located at the northern end of East Fourth Street, in the red brick building closest to Fort Ontario./ppFor more information phone Laurie Kester at 343-6599./pp /ppimg title=’Chairs with Flairs’ src=’http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y56/succubus7734/Chairs.jpg’ border=’0′ alt=’Chairs with Flairs’ width=’792′ height=’612′ //p