05/21/2010 – Oswego-Fulton Small Business Week Breakfast

p class=’MsoNormal’strongspan style=’font-size: 11pt;’ /span/strongspan style=’font-size: 11pt;’Chamber members as well as business owners throughout the area are invited to hear one the country’s foremost retail experts as renowned business advisor, and founder of the highly successful 3/50 Project, Cinda Baxter will be the keynote speaker at the Chamber’s Annual Small Business Week Breakfast.span /span/span/pp class=’MsoNormal’span style=’font-size: 11pt;’Her efforts have inspired small business owners throughout the country to rise above the challenges of flailing economics while empowering consumers to create positive change by driving revenue back toward locally owned, independent brick and mortars./span/pp class=’MsoNormal’ /pp class=’MsoNormal’span class=’bodytext2italics’span style=’font-size: 11pt;’The Chamber’s Small Business Week Breakfast is open to both Chamber members as well as any non-members that would like to attend.span /spanThe event will be held Friday, May 21supst/sup at 7:30 a.m. at SUNY Oswego’s Hewitt Union Ballroom.span /spanThe event will feature a very special ‘New York Breakfast Menu’ consisting of food items produced in New York State including: /span/spanspan style=’font-size: 11pt;’scrambled eggs made from local farm fresh eggs; home fries made from Hinderwadel’s Grove potatoes; breakfast sausage from Bosco and Geers; Cinnamon raisin bread from Ontario Orchards; whipped butter and vanilla yogurt from Upstate dairy farms; local fresh fruit and berries; as well as orange juice, coffee, decaf and assorted teas.span class=’bodytext2italics’span /span/span/span/pp class=’MsoNormal’span class=’bodytext2italics’span style=’font-size: 11pt;’For more /span/spanspan style=’font-size: 11pt;’information on the Chamber’s Small Business Week Breakfast, or to make reservations to attend, contact Danielle Hayden at the Chamber office, 343-7681./span/pp /p