100th City Of Oswego Homebuyer For Home Ownership Program

OSWEGO, NY – The Community Development staff joined the Lee family recently in front of their new home in Oswego, to celebrate the 100th family to participate in the city of Oswego’s Affordable Home Ownership Program.

The city of Oswego Affordable Home Ownership Program was established with a Community Development Block Grant in 1995 funded through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

From left:  Steve Lee, Skylar, Spenser, Gina Lee, Lillian in front with Samantha.
From left: Steve Lee, Skylar, Spenser, Gina Lee, Lillian in front with Samantha.

“The first grant the city received for Affordable Homeownership was for $100,000 – that funded about 20 families to be trained and counseled by our staff and seven homes to be purchased,” said Mary Vanouse, director of Community Development.

The Affordable Home Ownership Program garnered CDBG grants administered through the New York State Office of Community Renewal for additional families throughout the last 10 years including the recently announced $300,000 for training, counseling and purchase of 11 homes.

Community Development Block Grants preserve and expand the nation’s housing stock to provide a decent housing and suitable living environment for American families and principally those with low and moderate incomes.

Income eligibility is a requirement for Oswego’s Affordable Home Ownership Program.

The Affordable Home Ownership Program provides a Homebuyer Training Program, Budget and Credit Counseling and financial assistance to help families make a large one time down-payment on a home.

The grant is also used to pay closing costs.

The Homebuyer grant is provided in the form of a second mortgage and is forgiven over a period of 10 years.

The maximum grant per family is $20,000.

Oswego’s Affordable Home Ownership program can only be used to purchase homes within the city limits of Oswego and the home must meet the HUD Housing Quality Standards.

Families who purchase their first home with the program may also qualify for rehabilitation grants for essential repairs in their first home.

The city of Oswego Community Development Office is delighted to work with the Lee family in helping them to accomplish their goal of becoming new homeowners.

The Lees purchased their new home in the fall of 2010 and are just completing their home improvements under the rehabilitation program.

The Lee family includes, Steve and Gina Lee and their four children, Liliana, Spencer, Skylar and Samantha.

For more information about how families can qualify for Oswego’s Affordable Home Ownership Program, visit http://www.oswegony.org/DEPT_hop.html or call Kathy Miano at the Community Development Office at 343-3795.