Positively Parish News – Week of December 21, 2012

Get well wishes are extended to Maulde Fulmer and Barb Hinman.

My condolences are extended to the family and friends of Christine Moulter Jennings, Fred Wittwer and Robert Goodno, class of 1942.

After a follow-up visit with my doctor on Tuesday, I face another five weeks of total disability status; which means I am not allowed to do much, but go to therapy and continue to heal.

I so look forward to returning to work and being my senior friends once more.

Going from a very busy life style to this “not much at all” is really a challenge!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for all that I have in my life!

The Parish United Methodist hosted the Parish Ecumenical Christmas candlelight service on December 16.

The weather cooperated this year and many were able to attend the beautiful service.

The Parish Ecumenical Choir sang two upbeat Christmas songs led by Mrs. Julie Raner along with pieces played by the talented Parish Ecumenical Youth band.

The special offering was collected in memory of Lisa Stoddard and donated to the APW scholarship in her name.


I know that is true, because Santa sent one of his very own special elves to our home on a blustery Thursday, Christmas Eve 1959.

Living in Upstate NY as a child was a most wonderful experience, especially for Christmas.

We couldn’t wait for Christmas to arrive, and were so happy when it started to snow; ensuring that Santa would be able to make his flight.

As the Christmas season approached we always went to E. W. Edwards & Sons Department Store on Salina Street, Syracuse, which was festively decorated.

We went there to visit Santa’s Magic Toyland, and to ride the monorail train suspended from the top of the store where we could look down on Santa, his elves and the Magical Candy Land.

There was a huge brilliantly colored sign held between two 15 foot candy canes that said “Just Believe,” and BELIEVE we did.

We always came here to do our special Christmas shopping, but this year, mom bought the entire family’s Christmas from Edwards.

The store was a marvel with the underground walk through connecting the two Edwards stores.

We took the elevator piloted by properly attired operators to the mezzanine and then topped off our shopping with Chicken Fricassee in the Tea Room.

We could do this anytime of the year, but Christmas, Oh, Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year here.

After this one particular Christmas shopping extravaganza we had so many packages that mom decided to take the store up on their offer to mail them to us in time for Christmas.

It was a new system they were starting.

So instead of lugging packages back to our car, my sister, Jill, and I balance walked ourselves, the way children do, atop the snowbanks on the way out to the car.

We even fell into one of the huge snow banks in the E. W. Edwards parking lot and made snow angels.

As Christmas drew closer, every day we went to the mailbox in sweet anticipation that the wonderful gifts we had selected as a family would be there, and we could start wrapping them up with all the colorful paper and bows mom had purchased.

But Christmas was getting closer and still no packages.

Mom called the store and was assured the packages would arrive in time for Christmas.

Even our mailman, Mr. Owen LaForce, was on a special lookout duty for these precious packages.

Mr. LaForce even made it a point if we weren’t waiting by the mailbox, he drove up our long curved driveway to inform us that “Sorry no packages today.”

Mom called the store again and was again reassured the packages would arrive in time.

We really BELIEVED those gifts would come.

Christmas Eve day arrived and my sister and I donned ourselves in our winter apparel and waited patiently by the mailbox, because we knew that today the packages would be here.

We pushed each other in snow banks and knocked down icicles while we waited.

We were so excited.

Mr. LaForce was very sad to have to tell us there were no packages.

My sister and I hung our heads and walked very slowly up the long curved driveway not wanting to tell our mom what she already knew.

My mom started pacing the floor, not knowing what do to.

Back then, there were no stores open on Christmas Eve.

Those were the days before the dominance of shopping malls and stores open 24/7.

Even if a store had been open, it would have been nearly 30 miles away at best.

The wind was blowing and a very deep chill was setting in.

We went to church for the Christmas Eve Service.

Our boot tracks were completely covered in from new fallen snow, as we made our way back to the car after the church service.

It was really miserable out, but the good news was that we just knew for sure those presents would be waiting at our back door when we came home.

But, Oh no, they’re not here we cried in unison on our arrival home.

Mom was so upset and we were upset for her.

She started pacing the floor saying her babies wouldn’t have any Christmas.

We lived on a country dirt road and the only people who came down our road lived on our road.

Sitting in front of the window showing its magical colors, and of course decorated with some homemade green and red construction paper chains, strung popcorn and candy canes hanging over the evergreen branches, our beautiful Christmas tree presented itself for all to see and admire.

And oh those wonderful bubble lights were bubbling.

My baby sister, Denise, almost two and our little brother, Dean age 3, were walking around in their Christmas footy pajamas, and pressing their little faces against the Jack Frost covered windows looking for Santa.

My sister and I were drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols in our off key voices, and our upset mom was still pacing the floor.

It was getting really blustery and very cold outside!

We could hear the wind whistling around the side of the house, and the windows were rattling from the storm.

A blizzard was in full swing!

About 8:30 we caught a glimpse of a dim light edging its way down our lonely, snow clad road.

The light continued to get brighter and we watched it for a long time; knowing that nobody came down our road, except folks who lived on it.

Who would be out on this awful stormy night?

As the light got brighter, the vehicle started slowing down and as it got closer to our house, we could see a truck coming to a stop and then it turned into our driveway.

There was a little ole driver so lively and quick, delivering packages to us directly from St. Nick!

E. W. Edwards had actually sent a driver out all the way from Syracuse on this inclement night to deliver these wonderful promised presents.

He said he was sorry there had been a mix up in the Shipping Department.

He was laden with packages and actually fell in the snow with packages landing on top of him.

My mom was so excited that tears sprang into her eyes as she thanked him.

With hands entwined mom, Jill and I all danced around in a big circle with the little ones twirling around and falling down in an inner circle.

We were giggling, singing, laughing and saying “Yes, there is a Santa!”

And I know that for sure because what a Christmas it was!

Just Believe.

The popular Zumba classes held on Mondays at 6:15 p.m. at the New Hope Presbyterian Church will resume on Monday, Jan. 7.

Stop in and check out these great, get in shape while having fun $4 classes with the energized Tammy Sharkey.

Future dates to put on your calendar:

The annual Parish Community Blood Drive in honor of Rayel and Kaylee Sabine hosted by the New Hope Presbyterian Church on January 29 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Parish Fire Station, 16 Union St.

Parish Relay for Life Kickoff will be held on March 9 from 8 -11 a.m. at the Church of the Nazarene in Parish.

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