120th District Barclay vs. Tosh

To The Editor:
Assemblyman Barclay has cost the taxpayers of the 120th Assembly District $1,552,000 over the past 16 years ($97,000 a year —base salary + expenses could be higher).

During his time in office he has organized 1 pep rally to save a nuke plant.

I’m sure that we could have obtained a private group to do the same for a lot less.

In those same 16 years:

1 – Nestle plant closed losing 450 jobs with an average salary without benefits of $50,000 = $22,500,000 a year in loss. Multiplied by 15 years equals $337,000,000 approximately.

No pep rally!

1 – Birds-Eye plant closed losing 250 employees with an average salary without benefits of $50,000 = $12,500,000 a year over the past 8 years. The loss is $100,000,000 approximately.

No pep rally!

1 – Hospital closed losing 400 employees with an average salary of $50,000 = $20,000,000 over nine years comes to around $180,000,000 approximately.

No pep rally!

1 – Inland Port lost to Onondaga County-losing approximately 2,000 jobs with salary of around $30 per hour equal to $60,000 a year per employee. Approximately $120,000,000 annually of lost wages over 20 years. approximately $2,400,000,000.

No pep rally!

The city of Fulton and the county of Oswego has lost approximately $737,000,000 in wages alone in Assemblyman Barclay’s time in office.

Not to mention the loss of property taxes and sales tax.

Mr. Barclay has received $1,552,000 (approximately) in taxpayer money and we have lost approximately around $1 billion in revenue.

If you want, you can vote for Mr. Barclay, but he is costing us too much money to be a cheerleader and pep rally organizer.

Vote for Ms. Tosh if you want someone in Albany that will be the member of the Majority and be able to fight for us from within.

Vote for Tosh!

Stop the bleeding now.

Frank Castiglia Jr.
Oswego County Legislator


  1. ..and during those same 16 years, we have had Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton, Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, Democrat Governor David Paterson, Democrat Eliot Spitzer. Should I continue?
    We can play this little pattern game all day if you wish ,
    but you’ll lose when it comes to who’s to blame for the horrible state of the state of business in NY.

  2. Please tell us on all of the positives you have done for the Fulton Community Frank? What changes have you made to better our area and bring business to Fulton? Oh wait — nothing other than bash your own community time and time again.

    Taxed is right. You lose when it comes to the blame game.

  3. But Barclay represents this district and hasn’t done anything to bring jobs and industry here since he’s been in office. He hasn’t reached out to any major industries that I know of since he’s been in office????

  4. Taxed: I agree with your history lesson. I have not written a letter praising any of those elected officials. What I did was write a letter in rebuttal to the letters of praise about Mr. Barclay. But now that you bring up the name of our current Gov. you must remember he and he alone saved the Fitz Nuke plant. Saving some 8 or 9 hundred jobs and some where around 100 billion in wages. He went against his own Party and saved it. That is why we need someone in Albany that is a member of the Majority to work for us. You scored a field goal, and I scored a touchdown …game over.

  5. The Governor who never thought America was that great? The same governor who has had 8 of 9 of his inner circle indicted? The same governor who presides still over the huge mass exodus from our State? The same Governor who thinks people who don’t think like him have no business living here?
    When you cited the original list of closings, that has far more to do with State level incompetence, than with one Assemblyman. No celebrations yet, as just
    I threw a very large yellow flag over your “touchdown” Frank.

  6. Frank, to follow your thinking:
    If a governor is the only one that can save something, then a governor is the only one that can take the blame.
    Miller Brewing, Mario Cuomo, Dem.
    Owens Illinois, Mario Cuomo, Dem.
    Birdseye, Andrew Cuomo, Dem.
    Lee Hospital, David Patterson, Dem.
    Inland Port, (we never had, so we didnt lose. And any chance we had was torpedoed by Cuomo appointee. ) Andrew Cuomo, Dem.

    But here is one you directly pep rallied: Aldis, just down the street from you and at the Nestle site. Too bad it forced the closing of the TOPS on the west side. No net gain. Frank Castiglia, Dem.

  7. For those just tuning into the game, the score at “Half Time” is:

    The NY Anti-Frank’s 24pts. The NY Frank’s 12pts. Stay tuned.

  8. Taxed,Series Winner,Athena, Now it’s an even paying field. Series Winner, I never said only the Gov. can save any one thing only that in the case of the Nuke Plant being saved the pep rally was just a show not the saving grace touted by some. My job Athena is to represent my district in county matters and help those that ask for my help. I am there to try and keep the costs to the city of Fulton taxpayers from the county in check. Not to bring business in here. It is the job of the IDA and CDA to bring in business and they are both run by the Rep. Series Winner again a history lesson that I or anyone else didn’t need to read, we lived thru it first hand. Again I have never said those leaders were doing a good job I only pointed out the fact about the Nuke plant. Again we need someone in the majority to fight with the down state majority and win for us. I fight every meeting about spending your tax money on items that are not needed and don’t provide a service to you. Also if you think that a discount grocery store can force out a large Super store you are wrong. Most of the people going to the Aldi’s store are from the east side. Blame the west side for not going to Tops not me or Aldi’s. Also you have had a Republican Mayor for the past 12yrs. not a dem. Ask the people that travel on Rt. 3 thru the city on the east side if they like that the work was done a year ahead of the original date, I pushed for that . And yes I bring up issues as a tax payer to the city govt. because I am a taxpayer and I have that right to do so. Must be you like the run down slum lords property and the speed and careless spending. Good for you.The Republican controlled county Legislature is spending spending spending. I vote no. Because I question everything they think twice before bringing items to the floor. No series here just the regional playoffs and the score is now tied and going into OT. Stay on Point please.

  9. Well Will is a good man he doesn’t do drugs. He believes that our assessments and taxes are fair. Just because the chairman of an assessment review board has the lowest assessed value for his Realastate nothing wrong there right Will.

    Just because our Electric bills are among the highest in the country that is not closing any business.

    Just because Employer required insurances are among the highest in the country that hasn’t taken any jobs away either.

    Just because people with $930,000.00 mortgages enjoy $300,000.00 assessments and people with $50,000.00 mortgages have $80,000.00 assessments nothing wrong here right Will.

    I remember during a recession a few years ago when jobs were disappearing our Utility Company raised it’s rates, Charged delivery and Delivery Adjustment fees and well jobs were leaving allowed the company CEO a 60% increase in his pay because $1,200,000.00 a year just was not fair pay for a person to run a monopoly. He got his 60% and more and more jobs left NY. Not America just NY.

    Some people have really done well under the Transfer of Wealth program but most of the honest working class have lost, and been robbed.

    Thank You for all your help bringing Truth and Justice to our Area!

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