14 Oswego Youth Basketball Coaches Attend SUNY Certification

Submitted to the SUNY Youth Sports Institute

Oswego, N.Y. – The McCrobie Civic Center played host to the SUNY Youth Sports Institute’s Coaching Certification Course on November 9th. The class was organized by the Oswego Youth Basketball Association President, Lisa Giglio for their 2010-11 coaching staff. Dr. Liz Kelly, Director of the Health & Physical Education program at Monroe Community College, was the SUNY Youth Sports Institute Instructor teaching the Oswego Youth Basketball class.

Coaches who attended the course provided positive feedback. Coach Robert Tetro said, “I was pleasantly surprised with the class.” Tetro went on to add, “I liked the message the class sent of teaching children life lessons through sport rather than promoting a winning at all costs mentality.” Fellow youth basketball coach Patricia Burnett also liked the course saying “The class was very helpful because the majority of youth coaches are parents. Formal training is important in giving parents the tools they need to be a good coach.”

The Oswego Youth Basketball Association has been serving the boys and girls of Oswego age 6 to 18 for nearly 30 years. The Association is made up of four different leagues which are specified by age group. The four leagues available are the Pee Wee League, the Junior League, the Senior League, and the Major League. For more information regarding the Oswego Youth Basketball Association visit http://www.oyba.com.

The SUNY Youth Sports Institute added 14 Oswego Youth Basketball coaches to its list of over 6,000 certified members last month. If you are interested in becoming a SUNY Youth Sports Certified Coach you can find future trainings at http://www.youthsportsny.org/eregistration.html.

About the SUNY Youth Sports Institute

The SUNY Youth Sports Institute has been chartered by the State University of New York to assist local communities in creating sustainable and positive sport environments for children throughout New York State. The Institute’s seven module coaching certification curriculum addresses topics of serious concern for coaches; adult volunteers; and health, education and youth advocates. In a single, two-and-a-half hour training session, the SUNY Youth Sports Institute offers training and certification in a set of minimum standards to non-school youth coaches across all youth sports. Since March 2008, the SUNY Youth Sports Institute has trained and certified over 6,000 youth sport coaches in towns and cities across New York State. These coaches come from all areas of sport and span a wide variety of ages.