Oswego 2nd Ward Newcomer Ahead; Eby Judged Leader

OSWEGO, NY – Political newcomer Pat McLaughlin (Dem – WTR) is looking to unseat incumbent Mike Myers (Rep -Con – Ind) in the race for Oswego’s Second Ward council seat.

Unofficial vote totals Tuesday night (Nov. 4) show McLaughlin in the lead, 50.97% to to 48.86%.

The candidates are separated by a dozen votes currently.

Both agree, the final result will be determined by the absentee ballots.

“We’ll just have to wait and see,” McLaughlin said. “This is my first time; I’m cautiously optimistic.”

“With the absentee votes, it’s going to come down to the wire,” Myers told Oswego County Today. “I’m happy with the good turnout. I ran a clean race, met a lot of good people. I’m very happy with the support I received.”

McLaughlin said he appreciates the support from the voters.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” he said. “Just have to wait until the absentees are counted.”

“It was a good turnout tonight. Now we just have to wait for the absentee votes,” Myers said. “It is what it is.”

There are about two dozen absentee votes to be counted for the second ward council seat.

The preliminary Election Board ballot tally for Oswego County Family Court Judge has local attorney James Eby, with 16,254 votes topping Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman’s 10,786.

Shortly before midnight, after thanking her family and her campaign team, Ms. Coleman called Mr. Eby to offer her congratulations on what she called “a good race.”

City of Oswego Proposition No. 1 to approve tax cap, Yes

Oswego County Board of Election unofficial results for other local races as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday:

Constantia Town Justice
Stephen Pelon, R, 977
Mark Simpson, R, 944

Granby Superintendent of Highways
Robert Phillips, D, 1,016
Eric Clothier, C, 558

Hannibal Councilman
George Ritchie, R, 529
Christopher Soper, D, 314
Gary Thompson,   154

Parish Proposition for Local Law No. 1     Yes

Village of Pulaski Trustee
Alyson Tighe, CFT, 347
Write-in, 104

Volney Proposition for Local Law No. 1        Yes
Volney Proposition for Local Law No. 2        Yes

West Monroe Councilman
Dale Maher, R, 674
Gary Sluzar, D, 240

Unofficial vote tallies for unopposed races countywide:

Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd, R, 22,594

Amboy Councilman Susan Halbritter, R, 201

Hastings Councilman John Hill, R, 1,571

Mexico Councilman Larry Barber, R, 1,032

New Haven Councilman James Vergos, 342

Orwell Councilman Robert Martin, R, 210

Palermo Councilman, 3 year, Donald Nipper, R, 617

Palermo Councilman, 1 year, Steven Scruton, R, 567

Sandy Creek Town Justice Victoria Longo, R, 733

Village of Sandy Creek Trustee Kenney Larue, R, 147

Volney Town Justice James Aluzzi, R, 1,189

West Monroe Town Justice Kimperly Inman, R, 771

Steve Yablonski contributed to this report.