2-seat Supermodified car and schedule updated for 2011 at Oswego Speedway

***Oswego Speedway Press***

After one year at the track, with nearly 200 rides under its belt, the Oswego Speedway 2-seat Supermodified is going to be updated for the 2011 racing season.  Keith Gilliam, who did most of the driving and maintenance on the 2-seat Super during the 2010 season, says there are a number of changes he wants to make for 2011.

“For one thing,” Keith said, “I want to put a whole new body on the car.  The body that is on there now is sort of old fashioned looking, and I want to do something that is more in keeping with the way Supermodifieds look in competition at the Oswego Speedway.”

Keith started the renovations early last season when he took the wing off the car and built an Oswego-style tail section.  “The new tail section is slightly taller than an Oswego-legal tail section,” according to Keith.  “I did that to make the rear a little more stable and for greater down force.  Now I want to go on and do the same for the rest of the body.

Along with the new body, the 2-seat Supermodified will also see a few changes under the bodywork.  New brakes will be put on all around, and there will be softer shocks for the rear of the car.  Said Keith, “this will make the car even more stable.  Right now it is quite good going through the turns, but these changes will make it even better coming off the turns.”

As in 2010, rides in the 2-seat Supermodified will be offered every race day at the Oswego Speedway with the exception of Race of Champions weekend on July 22nd and 23rd. Roy Sova, who coordinates the 2-seat Supermodified program, says daytime rides will be offered prior to the track opening for practice and intermission rides will move to the break between practice and the start of the heat races which will be about 6:00 for most weeks and about 2:30 on Memorial Day Weekend. The intermission rides will be after the heat races on the two autograph nights which will be June 18th and August 6th. Rides will again be offered for special events such as company outings, birthdays, and other occasions.

Peter Dougall of Fishers Landing, NY got the ride of a lifetime last season when he started the feature in the 2-seat Supermodified.  Said Peter, “you absolutely can’t believe what it’s like to actually be in the race.  We got pushed off with the rest of the starting field, took hot laps with them, fell in at the rear for the green, and even passed a couple cars when there was a collision on the front straight right at the start of the race. If you ever had any desire to find out what it’s really like out there, start the feature in the 2-seat Super!”

For ride information on the 2-seat Supermodified, or to schedule a ride, you can contact the Oswego Speedway, or call Roy Sova directly at 315-297-2262.