2008 Harborfest Memorabila Is In

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</p>Harborfest enthusiasts, Michael Petrilli and Michelle Jackson try on the 2008 graphic changing Design T-shirts for size, and color.

With Harborfest only weeks away, the memories it will leave in people’s minds will live on, especially when festival enthusiasts have a token of Harborfest memorabilia to take home.  There is no need to wait for Harborfest to get here as pre-festival sales have begun. The 2008 design T-shirt is a horse of a different color, rather a “shirt” of a different color.  This year’s design, compliments of Maria Bullock of Mitchell Printing and Mailing, brings music to life with color changing graphics.  Shoppers will have their choice from two colored graphics offered on an all black tee, the first a white that changes to purple in the sunlight, the second, a shimmer of silver that glistens in the sun.

As if Harborfest didn’t already bring enough color to Oswego, kids will have their pick of individually tie-dyed shirts, each with its own unique design. The line continues with the trademark Harborfest hoodies and distressed fireworks burst shirts, available in a variety of colors.

To make a pre-festival purchase, shoppers can visit the Harborfest offices at 41 Lake Street, or stop into C’s Farm Market, Discover Oswego, or JC Penney’s.

Purchasing during the festival can be made by visiting any one of the memorabilia booths, “Harbor-Huts” in Breitbeck Park, River Walk East, or East Park.

With the Route 104 Bridge closed for repair this summer, be sure to plan accordingly so that you don’t miss the events you want to see.  The Utica Street Bridge will be open as will the pedestrian walking bridge located just north of Utica Street.  Visit the Harborfest website at www.oswegoharborfest.com for the latest information regarding transportation options and performance schedules. Harborfest is July 24-July 27.