2012 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Athletic Awards Banquet

<p>The 2012 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District Outstanding Athletes of the Year are Kami Perkins (soccer, basketball, and track), left, Greg Palmer (football, basketball, and baseball), and Megan Phillips (soccer, basketball, and softball). Pictured with the athletes are APW Director of Athletics Bert Conklin, left, and APW Superintendent of Schools Gerry Hudson.</p>
<p>The Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District presents the C. Rex Crosby Athletic Citizenship Award annually to one senior who is outstanding in athletic ability, sports membership, and value to the team while also exemplifying citizenship and sportsmanship. Brian Walsh presented this year’s award to three-sport athlete Brooke Benedetto (soccer, basketball, and golf).</p>
<p>Altmar-Parish-Williamstown students Abby Waldron, left, and Maggie Allardice were presented with the 2012 United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award. This award is presented annually to honor role model athletes that demonstrate courage, pride, self-confidence, and leadership. The two recipients are pictured above with Sergeant Aguilar and APW varsity coaches Doug Meredith, left, and Dan Bryant.</p>
<p>The Altmar-Parish-Williamstown 2012 Floyd G. Bristol Memorial Award is presented annually to one male and one female senior athlete with the greatest recognized athletic ability. This year’s recipients are Skylar Wheeler (football, basketball, and baseball) and Kami Perkins (soccer, basketball, and track). APW Varsity Boys’ Basketball Coach Dan Bryant and Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach Michelle Whitley presented the award at the recent athletics banquet.</p>