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Donald Trump . . . president-elect of the United States.

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12:50 a.m. Nov. 9  Looks like the businessman has a lock on it. Time for everyone to get some sleep.

12:20 a.m. Nov. 9 “One thing we learned tonight is that election forecasting is a very flawed science, if it’s a science at all. Pollsters and election pundits will be eating a lot of crow tomorrow,” said Ranjit S. Dighe, Professor and Chair of SUNY Oswego’s Department of Economics. “Right now, election forecasting makes astrology look respectable.”

“All we can do is hope for the best and wait to see what the future brings. Then, in four years, if we aren’t happy with the results, make a change,” said Kim Van Schaack of Oswego.

12:10 a.m. Nov. 9 “I believe people want a change. And they are making their choice. It’s time to make American first. We, the voters, do not want the US up for sale and that H C has proven. That pay to play works for her,” said Lou Guilmette of Rochester.

“I have not been watching ANY of the election returns tonight, because the two major candidates are so bad that I don’t even care,” said Steve Sheffield formerly of Camillus now living in Maryland. “We are all worse off by whomever wins because they are both unethical, lying idiots. I find it just an incredible disappointment that this great country of ours can’t do any better than offering up these two as the leader of our country!  I find it very sad that this is the path our country is following!”

11:02 p.m.  “I did expect it to be as close as it is. People keep judging Trump the way they’ve always judged the Republicans or Democrats, but he’s not a typical Republican. Even in the primaries, nobody thought he was going to win that. People are sick of what is going on in this country and he might not be the guy to fix it but apparently they don’t think she (Hillary Clinton) is either,” Mayor Woodward said.

If Hillary were to win: “I’m not that worried about it. What’s going to change? It will be the same as it has been for eight years. If that’s what the American public wants then that is what it should be. The one good thing out of this whole election, whether you’re for him or for her, it’s gotten people off their back sides and out to vote.”

“He’s going to win I believe. I think it’s showing that people want change. Change is better than what its been the last 4 years. Better to take a chance on someone new because we need someone who is going to change the way we do things,”  Kenyon added. “Let’s face it the only way we come back is jobs, good paying jobs to put money out in the economy!”

10:55 p.m. “This election shows that people are concerned about the right to keep their guns and are sick of entitlements. We need leadership that will put people to work and take them off welfare,” Kevin Gardner, chair of the Oswego County Legislature said. “Obamacare is a disaster. Education is too expensive for families. Answers need to come swift. The great thing about America is having  the ability to change elected officials if they don’t work for the voters. We had great candidates locally and glad to see that there were little changes there.”

10:18 p.m. “I’ve never been so disappointed in my country after seeing how many people are willing to put someone without a shred of political experience and such questionable personal habits into the White House,” said Mitch Mitchell of Liverpool. “So much for decency in our country; I can only hope we’ll grow from this at some point in the future.”

“I can’t believe how close this (presidential) race is. I didn’t expect it to be a landslide in either direction but the list of states that are ‘too close to call’ is really surprising,” added Carolyn LaRoche, a former Oswego County resident now living in Virginia. “This has been a tough election season and I’m ready for it to be over. I’m also surprised how close things are here in Virginia, given that it’s the home of Tim Kaine. I keep thinking I’ll go to sleep and check the results in the morning but I just can’t stop watching.”

9:55 p.m. There’s a lot of red on ABC News’ map.

9:35 p.m. Senator Ritchie and Assemblyman Will Barclay appear to have comfortable leads.

9:20 p.m. Some results are starting to trickle in. How’s your candidate doing?

9:01 p.m.  We have done our part. Now comes the hard part – waiting for the votes to be counted.

Turnout at the polls in Oswego County has reportedly been higher than usual.

Former county legislator and Scriba resident Jim Oldenburg said he was told by inspectors, “people were lined up at 6 a.m. this morning at the Scriba Fire Station. I voted around 10:30 and was told I was number 230 in District 3!”

It is hard to say if the large turnout in Scriba was because of the presidential race being so polarizing this year or the town highway superintendent referendum (should the position be changed to appointed), he said.

“I’m sure a little of both, as people have strong opinions one way or the other. I just hope after the results are known, the town can get back to the business at hand, and our country can heal and move forward,” he told Oswego County Today.

“To be honest, I’m not happy with either one of them. I will tell you I’m supporting Trump, because I think this country needs to do something different. Our economy is not doing well and we need better health care,” Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr., said. “I’m not knocking Obamacare, but I think we need to be looking at why it costs so much. If you look at EpiPens and how their price has skyrocketed, that’s blackmail. It’s saying ‘give me all your money for this, or you’re going to die.’ That’s not how this country should work. No one is doing anything about it and they’re the only ones who really can. Something’s got to be done.”

“First of all, I voted right down the Conservative line. But I think this entire election has been a joke,” Fulton’s First Ward Alderman and Common Council President Thomas Kenyon, said. “I voted for Trump because I took both him and Hillary out of the equation and looked at vice presidents. Pence looks presidential. I follow policy outlooks with Trump’s campaign on issues like Obamacare. I think we need to get rid of it. People can’t afford it and then when they don’t, they get fined when they file their income tax. Immigration, I think we can’t let just anybody into America right now. I’d rather we take a change than just continue the way we’re going right now.”

Senator Patty Ritchie and Assemblyman Will Barclay are running unopposed.

“Although they ran uncontested, they both get my vote because they really do great for Oswego County,” Kenyon said.

The Trump-Pence ticket wasn’t right for Patrick Henry, a CNY native now living in Vermont.

“My kids are now almost 15 and 13. We talk about the elections often, mainly about how someone like Trump can behave the way he does and get away with it, let alone actually run for president … AND have people follow him!” he said. “We hope for a Clinton victory; but mostly we are hoping that Trump does not get elected.”

He said his entire family is “incredulous that someone who doesn’t pay his bills, doesn’t pay his taxes, is prejudice against Muslims, African Americans and women and the KKK supports him” can be a major party candidate for president.

“I could go on and on, but we know what a bully he is. It makes me very sad to see how many people support him. It means they agree with his views” he told Oswego County Today. “Even after this election is over, it won’t be over. The chaos of this election has put our country at odds with each other. It will take a long time for healing, if it really ever happens. Elections are usually a time of hope and renewal. Not this time. Very sad.”

Former Oswegonian Adele DiGiovannis DelSavio now living in Colorado said she visited Canada a while back.

“I asked a Canadian what she thought of the campaign. She said, ‘It’s a joke,’” she said.

DelSavio mailed in her vote for Hillary Clinton a couple of weeks ago.

“I have faith that a country that elected Barack Obama twice will not elect Donald Trump. The world is watching us, and I think that the outcome of this election will show the world that democracy works,” she said. “Sure, a loose cannon managed to get on the ballot. But, the American people wouldn’t let him go any further.”

Her friend, Suzanne King, of Fort Collins, Colo., is hoping for peace after the election.

“I’m hoping for a positive result — especially finding a way to heal the many divides,” she said.

This election was a “first” for DelSavio’s daughter.

“First time I’ve ever voted to keep someone OUT of office, not to elect someone in,” said Katharine Sheffield of Greeley, Colo.

Sheffield, 35, voted for Hillary Clinton.

Wayne Schwartz, a former New Yorker and SUNY Oswego graduate, is now teaching English as a Second Language in Israel.

“There are pro-Donald and pro-Hillary people all over here,” he said. “Some people have said that of the 350,000,000 people in the US, ‘are those the best they could come up with?!’”

The Israelis are just trying to find out who will be the least anti-Semitic and pro-Israel, he added.

“It seems to be kind of a split. But there is a lot of interest in it here!” he said.

“I voted, but I don’t feel good about it,” said Denise Brown, a former Fulton
native now living in Myrtle Beach.

“I believe we should have more than just one candidate for each party to run. A position as serious as the presidency deserves choices, said former Chittenango resident CiCi Behymer who now lives in Ohio.

She said she was stopped by four young adults at the entrance to her polling place’s voting parking lot.

“They rallied around my window to ask me if I were Republican (and tried to
hand me the Republican candidates’ names). There was no way around these people without stopping. I have the right to feel relaxed and safe in OUR polling place, and I did not.”

She was uninjured and reported the incident to authorities.

Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr., said he is “very happy today has finally come” but is “very concerned over what the outcome might bring.”

“I voted for a write-in. I didn’t care for the two major party candidates,” he explained. “I also voted for (Scott) DelConte for (Supreme Court) justice and voted party line on all other races. (Congressman John) Katko is all talk; hasn’t done much of anything for Oswego County.”

Mikayla Kemp and Steve Yablonski contributed to this report


  1. What I see in this election result is a rebellion by America’s poor, the people who have suffered from joblessness and lack of hope. I can understand their desire to “drain the swamp” when they hear that our politicians in D.C. spend more than half of their time fundraising instead of governing. Assuming that Trump doesn’t get us all killed (think finger on the nuclear codes) the challenge now is for the Republicans to show they can create jobs (that pay more than minimum wage) and hope. Now that they have the Presidency and both houses of Congress they have the power to make the changes they want. If they let down America’s poor I predict that they will pay dearly in four years (if the Democrats can field a credible candidate without too much baggage). My biggest fear besides the possibility of nuclear war is the likelihood that we will do nothing to slow climate change. May God help the Republicans and all of us here and around the world. I hope I’ve been wrong in my assessment of Republican views.

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