211 Update Featured At Rotary

FULTON – Fulton Rotary Club President, Helen Hoefer, introduced Patrick Dewine, the executive director of the Greater United Way of Oswego County.

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Helen Hoefer and Patrick Dewine

He spoke to the Rotarians about the 2-1-1 program, which the United Way brought to Oswego County in February of 2016.

211 is a statewide program that provides a non-emergency hotline for folks in need of  assistance-everything from help with dietary or medical needs or food shortages to help with utility services.

The four call centers around the state act as centers for referrals where folks in need of assistance in the above (partial list) areas can call and be referred to the appropriate agency for help.

In addition to providing a valuable service, the program has also relieved some of the stress and burden on the 911 call system by shifting the non-emergency calls over to 211.

Hoefer also presented Dewine with a check for the club’s annual donation.