2nd Graders Become Published Poets

OSWEGO – Students in Sheri Dafoe’s second grade classroom at Charles E. Riley Elementary School recently became published poets.

Students in Sheri Dafoe’s classroom at Charles E. Riley Elementary School recite a class poem about insects during an event in the school library, celebrating the end of a recent academic unit on writing.

Upon completion of a recent writing unit, Dafoe took a collection of her students’ poetry and had them bound in a hardcover book, “Picasso Portraits and Poems” for a special keepsake memory.

Copies of poems were read aloud during a recent reception in the school library for parents, guardians and other student supporters.

CER music teacher Ceara Windhausen played the ukulele while Dafoe’s students joyously sung a few songs, all which Dafoe said served as poems in action.

Throughout the academic unit, the second graders learned that poems can have or be the following: rhythm and a beat, can rhyme, be long or short, shares thoughts and feelings, be happy or sad, poems have lines, stanzas are groups of lines and there can be repetition.

In the library, as a class, students performed the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language before they individually read a bio, or living, poem about themselves and then shared a class poem all about insects.

Library media specialist Molly Clark then shared a few examples of the students’ library project where they utilized ChatterPix to animate the mouths of the students’ self-portraits made in art class to make it look like the portraits were reciting their bio poems.

Following the event, students and their guests were treated to a reception in Dafoe’s room, where they enjoyed juice and cookies.