50 Years Later: Hit-and-Run Kills Man Who Fatally Struck Carolee Ashby

Carolee Sadie Ashby

Carolee Sadie Ashby
(FDN file photo)

SANFORD, MAINE – Douglas Parkhurst, 68, of West Newfield, Maine, has been identified by local authorities as the victim struck by a vehicle at a baseball game in Sanford on Friday (June 1.)

Parkhurst was said to have pushed children out of the way of the vehicle which resulted in being the victim of a hit and run. The driver, Carol Sharrow, 52, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter according to a report from News Center Maine.

No motive has been established.

Parkhurst, formerly an Oswego resident, confessed in 2013 to fatally striking four-year-old Carolee Ashby with his car 50 years ago.

Ashby was struck by a vehicle on Halloween night in 1968 while crossing what was then referred to as the North South Arterial (now known as State Route 481) near Division Street in the City of Fulton with her sister and cousin.

A vehicle hit Ashby while traveling northbound and did not stop following the accident.

For years, the Fulton Police Department followed several leads to find the driver of the vehicle to no avail until eventually a witness came forward with suspicion directed toward Douglas Parkhurst in a 2012 Facebook post from retired Fulton Police Department Lieutenant Russ Johnson.

Despite being interviewed in 1968 and misleading police to believe he was involved in an accident with a guard post in Volney, New York, Parkhurst became the center of the now reopened investigation.

According to a 2013 press release from Fulton Police Department, “During these interviews Parkhurst admitted to consuming alcohol prior to driving through the City of Fulton on October 31, 1968. Parkhurst stated he was with his brother who was passed out in the back seat. While passing through Fulton, Parkhurst confirmed he hit something, stating he believed at the time it was an animal, but now knows it was Carolee Ashby.”

The statute of limitations had expired on the case, so no charges were filed. However, Fulton Police Department remained committed to providing closure to the Ashby family.

Similarly, now 50 years later, the Parkhurst family will seek closure as they await a possible motive in the hit-and-run death of Doug Parkhurst.


  1. Did anyone else notice that the woman who hit him is named Carol and the little girl who he had hit was named Carolee?!?

  2. The caption and picture seem so disrespectful to me, this guy just died pushing kids out from in front of a car basically sacrificing himself. Sure it’s ironic and maybe worth a mention. But in the story, not the headline.

  3. Carolee Ashby,murdered by him in 1968, would have turned 68 on this day. Hindus might suggest Karma had a day off. Carol was on duty.

  4. Also, why would they reopen the investigation if the statute of limitations had expired? I don’t see it as karma but if it is full circle maybe what he did to save those 3 kids was a result of his regret over what happened so many years ago. I feel bad for all families involed. It’s hard to lose a loved one. But if we were sitting here mourning the deaths of 3 children, that would be far more tragic. He was a hero that day to say the least. His family should at least be given that.

  5. Title suggests Mr. Parkhurst was killed by a hit-and-run, does anyone know if that statement is accurate or did the publisher decide to make it up to make it seem like karma?

  6. Yes he was hit by a car. The woman driving was driving on a little league field during a baseball game.it was his grandkids he saved. I know as I’m his family.

  7. For all of you saying that this is Karma, and he got what he deserved, I give to you that it’s not Karma, it’s called atonement. He saved the lives of three children from being hit and killed by this woman. 50 years later despite what he did tjen, he’s now made amends for that deed, and paid for it with his life.

  8. I am disgusted that people are making a joke out of this death …
    His family had NOTHING to do with his past and they are in mourning right now over losing him … maybe it was karma but have you ever heard; ” just because it pops in your head doesn’t mean it has to be said ” ??? … This just shows what our society has turned into … I hope none of you ever have to deal with a horrible death such as the Ashby and the Parkhurst families …

  9. To ‘M Green’ I live in the same town where Mr. Parkhurst was hit. And I can assure you and everyone else that yes, it was a hit-and-run. He was at a local little league game when the lady came and drove out into the field where there were children playing. He saw the car coming toward them and push kids out of the way and for hit himself. The car then drove off.

  10. This whole thing is sad. Sad it took this long to track him down….HOWEVER, he was 18 when he hit Carolee. Does that make it right….of course not…but he said he thought he hit a post….sad she lost her life….sad for him when he had to realize he had killed a child….at 18…..with that said, don’t we all gain wisdom through the year….how many of you “older folks” remember back when we were 18-19-20…..how many foolish things we did and how we wished we had been a little smarter then……I certainly have. So….yes, very sad that the Ashby’s lost their daughter, and sad now that the Parkhurst’s have lost a family member! But let’s show some compassion and some understanding instead of cutting people down

  11. Don’t you think if you gain wisdom you would at least tell the mother of this four year old that you were sorry?? (Saddened) Instead he ran off to Maine to hide out. My mother went to her grave never having an opology from this man.He said he thought he hit a poll , an animal and everything but a child. He was drunk when he hit my sister. See what you don’t know is the truth about the whole story. He and some family members hid his car for years in his parents fields. He was a coward! He was an adult man when he ran to Maine to hide from what he did not an 18 year old kid !

  12. At 18 Parkhurst was intoxicated and hit and killed Carolee Ashby as her sister and cousin watched the tragedy happen ( 10/31/1968 ). Parkhurst told police he thought he hit and killed a animal… 50 years later Parkhurst confessed he hit and killed Carolee Ashby. Parkhurst LIED in 1968 and DIED at age 68… ( 18 years of age + 50 years later confessed = 68 years )…

  13. If he thought he hit a post that terrible Halloween night then why did he and his family hide the car in the woods and cover it up with brush.? Thank God no other children had to die out of this situation. And yes mistakes are made all the time and people do stupid things as teenagers. This wasn’t only his sin to live with others knew and said nothing they helped him hid this secret. There was a dent in the bumper of the car where Carolees little body was hit and dragged down the road right out of my mother in laws hands! The years and years of torture our family has lived with not knowing just waiting and begging for answers you have no idea until it happens to you. Halloween’s gone uncelebrated by Darlene’s kids and Darlene’s birthday forever ruined cause of his drunken actions that night. Candle light vigils on Halloween instead of trick or treating for years just wanting someone to come forward to take blame for this to give Carolees family closure. Her mother only wanting a face to face apology and when given the chance he decided to deny it over the phone. Our family is not celebrating today after hearing of his death in any way. We are not his judge and I’m sure the Parkhurst family is suffering in pain now too and how horrible for those kids to witness this , for any of his family members that knew of his acts and helped him hide it all those years I’m guessing maybe you might feel just the start of our family’s pain now.

  14. I know none of the individuals who are involved. But I am a mother. I could never even begin to know the pain of the mother and the children who Sat and witnessed that . I want to donate $$ for help be it a lawyer or whatever to the mother of the 4yr old. Please give me a contact number or address to send it. As far as the man who tore this family apart and took a 4yr olds life, I have no putty. I’m not heartless just a realist. He new what he did . He lied and went on with his life . That 4yr old never hot that chance. As for his family, the members who knew of his actions and lied for him, I have no pitty for you either. This truthfully is what I would have done if I was in this mother’s shoes.

  15. i can’t wrap my head around this as Parkhurst and some family members covered this tragedy up. As for Parkhurst confessing all those years later knowing statute of limitations ran out, moving without apologizing to the remaining members of Ashby family is unbelievable. Hope he felt this guilt every day of his life.

  16. From The Central Maine Sentinel:

    “Some witnesses said Parkhurst pushed several children to safety, while others said he was closing the park gate when he was hit.”

  17. RE: KARMA’s post: you forgot to add that the woman who hit and killed him (at age 68!) was named CAROL , the little 4 yo HE hit and killed in ’68 was named CAROLEE!

  18. For goodness sakes people! Honestly listen to all of you! I just want to start by saying that i am very sorry for what happened to Carolee and i am very sorry for what happened to Mr. Parkhurst!

    I as a mother couldn’t imagine such a horrible incident happening to any of my daughter’s and i apologize on behalf of a 18 year old drinking and driving back in the 60s on halloween night, knowing that there more then likely would be children walking around that evening and knowing that drinking and driving is not OK or SAFE at all.

    I DO NOT know either family, but bashing on something that can not be changed or taken back is absurd. Yes he should had apologized, YES he did wrong and Damn straight i bet he lived with the guilt every single day and probably worse every Halloween but maybe some of his family didn’t know what he did? Maybe those people are MIXED with emotions and taking everything hard as hell. But some of you want that… That makes you no better.

  19. I’m glad he went out saving the children next to him. Regardless of your past, you can always do the right thing.

  20. The Ashbys really need to let the Parkhurst family mourn the loss of their family member and stop saying it’s karma it’s not Karma his death has nothing to do with Carolee death!! Have they stop think there’s another person out there that is the real person that hit her?? Its getting carried away a little too much the Parkhurst family never once bashed the Ashbys?? So keep the it the drama going?? Let the family horn for God’s sake people!!

  21. Lived in the same block as the family and remember this adorable little girl that the whole neighborhood knew and loved….she will always be forever young! An epilogue of final thoughts because I think this closes this haunting story that was relived every Halloween in Fulton for the past 50 years….many of them wondering who did it, but maybe at the same time reminded us yearly to keep our kids safe when Trick and Treating. Also remember others being accused of being the driver of the car and finally being vindicated when Parkhurst finally confessed. Hopefully peace comes to this small town, that has lost so much more in the 50 years since this event occurred. The irony of it this crossing intersection needed a traffic light 50 years ago and still does today, but your leaders fail to lead again. AMEN RIP Carolee Forever!

  22. From Florida,
    I lived in Fulton that horrible night Carol Ashby was murdered and I think justice has been served and I do not feel sorry for Mr. Parkhurst or his family that hid the terrible deed he did, now he will answer to God.

  23. Most of you disgust me! Regardless, if what happened 50 years ago or what happened on June 1st, lives were taken. Families grieved, hearts broken. Everyone has a family and loved ones, people who care and many of most of us should have a heart in both cases. Mr. Parkhurst was my uncle, regardless of what happened or what he did, he was still a great man and would do alot for people. Most of you should be ashamed of yourselves for bashing this story. What has happened, happened. So, therefore, all is this bashing and “karma” talk will not bring either one back to their loved ones. Let’s them both of them rest now. Furthermore, nobody knows what others have been through until it’s casted all over the news! So, please keep your disgusting and horrible comments to yourself while his family now has to grieve and be without him until we all meet again.

  24. “S Bigness” your judgment day is coming right along with these who keep BASHING the Parkhurst family . Do You know you the Facts?? It was a phone call to the police its a hear say story there still alot to be looked into. There is hided parts to this story the mayor at the time and investigator covered up a lot of things. So please Let Me Do My Job and get the Facts!

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