6 Year Old With A Big Heart

Colby presenting American Red Cross Director Danielle Hayden with the money he raised on his own

After 6 year old Colby Kimball-Salzman heard of the tornados that had destroyed communities in Alabama and Missouri he asked his mom what could he possibly do to help the people in need.

With the help from his parents,  he set up a table at the Pulaski Farmers’ Market for two Friday’s in a row collecting money and had donation jars set up at the Village Cafe in Orwell and The Resevoir Inn in Redfield.

He was able to raise $303 on his own to assist in the disaster relief down south.

Pictured is Colby handing over the envelope to American Red Cross Director Danielle Hayden along with Colby’s mom Erin,  his dad Mike and Colby’s 2 siblings.