$7.6 Million Renovations Underway for Medical Surgical Unit at Oswego Health 

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Health is taking care to the next level as they begin significant renovations to its medical surgical unit at Oswego Hospital.
This $7.6 million investment will completely renovate the third and fourth floors and will truly modernize inpatient care provided in Oswego County.
Scope of project includes:
• Restructuring of all patient rooms to allow for more privacy and accommodation necessary for clinical support and diagnostic equipment. Once finished there will be a total of 40 private rooms and 4 semi-private rooms
• Each patient room will be equipped with a new HVAC filtration system purchased through Healthway that will greatly improve the indoor air quality within the patient rooms
• In addition, Indigo-Clean, a new light technology will be installed in each patient bathroom to continuously disinfect the surfaces within the bathroom area. The technology is known to reduce pathogens by nearly 99% creating a greatly reduced chance of hospital acquired infection and better patient outcome
• Comfortable waiting areas for family members to gather on each floor
• Relocation of the nurses’ station on both floors allowing for more immediate access to the care staff
Construction consists of three phases and Oswego Health is projecting to complete the entire project before the end of 2020.
For more construction updates go to: https://www.oswegohealth.org/inpatient-care/

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