8th Graders Explore The Arts

Emerson J. Dillon Middle School eighth grade studio art students recently traveled to the Everson Art Museum in Syracuse where a docent showcased special exhibitions, the museum’s permanent collection, architecture highlights and ceramic pieces.

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Eighth grade studio art students from EJD Middle School recently explored the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse.

The students viewed famous works from artists such as Andy Warhol, Janet Fish and Adelaide Alsop Robineau.

Using their sketchbooks throughout the tour, they recorded memorable details and chose their favorite work of art to formally critique in class using their knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Design.

Teacher Beth Pritchard said it was exciting as an educator to watch her students analyze famous works by using art vocabulary and other knowledge learned in class.

The trip was made possible by the Richard S. Shineman Foundation Bus Fund, which was established in 2015 to subsidize bus transportation for Oswego County schools to engage in art museum experiences.