94 Years Old And Living On Her Own Thanks To ARISE

OSWEGO, NY – After talking with Helen Allen for few minutes, you might ask to see her birth certificate before you’d believe that she’s really 94. This delightful woman is active, joyful and independent.

Helen attributes her health and high energy level to having always been busy. Helen and her husband raised seven children, so it’s easy to imagine that Helen was on the go.

<p>Helen Allen (right) with Paula Kaylor.</p>

Although she spent plenty of time preparing meals and keeping track of everyone, she still managed to make time to be active in the VFW Auxiliary and serve as its president.
Living in her own place is something that Helen values greatly, and she is able to do that with a small amount of assistance through ARISE’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

“I do not like moving,” Helen says emphatically. She has lived in her current apartment in a senior living complex for almost 28 years. “I just hope that I don’t have to go to a nursing home later, but as long as I have my helper here, I won’t.” Helen is referring to Paula Kaylor, her personal assistant.

Helen first met Paula when she worked with a conventional agency to receive services. When that agency stopped providing services to Helen, she didn’t want to stop working with Paula. Finding ARISE meant that Helen was able to select the personal assistant she worked with, so she immediately hired Paula.

Helen was very pleased when one of her daughters moved back from Florida and into the same complex.

They enjoy having breakfast together and the companionship of family.

We are proud to participate in a program that makes it possible for Helen to continue to be independent and live where she chooses. The fact that it happens to be far less expensive than being in a nursing home is an added benefit.

Learn more about how ARISE’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program can help you or someone you love. Call 342-4088 or visit ariseinc.org


ARISE is a non-profit Independent Living Center run by and for people with disabilities. The organization has been providing advocacy and services since 1979, and each year ARISE works with approximately 4,000 people of all ages who have all types of disabilities. ARISE has offices in Onondaga, Oswego, and Madison Counties and operates ARISE at the Farm, a 77-acre recreational facility in Chittenango, NY, and ARISE & Ski at Toggenburg Winter Sports Center in Fabius, NY.