A Classic Car Gets Inspected At Michaud

FULTON – Classic car owner Gordon Chalone brought his “mint” 1950 Plymouth Club Coupe to Michaud Residential Health Services in Fulton for members of the Michaud Men’s Club to reminisce over and inspect, inside and out.

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Pictured from left are Michaud activities leader Katie Simmons with resident Chester Mosch as they take a peak under the hood to see what powers a classic 1950 Plymouth Club Coupe. The Plymouth can often be seen at classic car shows throughout the area.

Chalone spoke about what it takes to keep a 62-year-old Plymouth and two other classic cars in his collection he owns and maintains, looking and running like new.

At the time a brand new Plymouth listed for $1,869 dollars and came equipped with a with a 97 horsepower 217.8ci six-cylinder engine.