A Gem For A Friend With Diabetes

OSWEGO, NY – Breaking an arm for most kids these days is quite an upset.

But not for Megan Lagoe, who turned an unfortunate accident into a way to help out her friend with diabetes.

Pictured are: Megan Lagoe and Claudia Chetney.
Pictured are: Megan Lagoe and Claudia Chetney.

After a severe break to her left arm while doing a back hand spring at dance class, this sixth grader at Riley School wanted to jazz up her cast with some sparkly gems.

So instead of her friends signing her cast, she is now selling the gems for $5 and donating them in the name of her friend, Claudia Chetney, who has type 1 diabetes.

Claudia, a sixth grader at Kingsford Park School, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last March and is raising money for the upcoming “Walk For a Cure” to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

“A cure in my lifetime would be great. It’s so nice that Meg is doing this to help me and other kids out,” Chetney noted.

So far nearly $200 has been raised.

Gems can still be purchased by calling Meg at 529-7697 or Claudia at 561-7298.

For more information about JDRF visit www.jdrf.org