A Letter from family court judge candidate Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman

This year, the voters of Oswego County will choose a Family Court Judge. This choice is not about party politics. It is about selecting a candidate who will spend a ten-year term protecting our county’s children.

I am running because I care about children. I will make sure that the decisions made in Family Court are fair and impartial, and, most importantly, in our children’s best interests. I have spent more than a decade representing children and families in Family Court, and I am the only candidate who can serve the full ten-year term.

I was born and raised in Oswego, the daughter of Joseph Rucynski and Darleen Parsons. I graduated from Oswego High School, SUNY Oswego, and the Syracuse University College of Law. My husband and I are raising our son Tanner here, and my older son Troy still lives and works in Oswego.

I have been a practicing attorney for more than 14 years, primarily in Family Court. Outside of the courtroom, I have volunteered with Oswego County Hospice, the American Red Cross, and have served on the boards of Oswego’s youth soccer and hockey associations. I have been part of this community my whole life and I care about it deeply.

Oswego County Family Court needs to work better. There must be better communication between the court, the schools, the probation office, and the Department of Social Services. There must be more respect shown to all parties who appear before the court.

Above all, the court must put the safety of Oswego County’s children first. As judge, I will work to make these improvements, while ruling fairly and impartially.

I have the legal experience necessary to serve as Family Court Judge. I am in Family Court nearly every day advocating for children, parents and grandparents, as I have done for more than  14 years. In addition, I have prosecuted criminals as an Assistant District Attorney for Oswego County and served the public as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Oswego.
But I have not spent my entire life in the courtroom. After high school, I worked as an orthodontist’s assistant. While working my way through college, I managed a tavern. Since becoming a lawyer, I have taught classes in public justice and business law at SUNY Oswego. I know what it means to work hard while raising a family in our community.

My experience in life and in law and my years working with children and families make me the best choice for Family Court Judge. I am ready and able to serve the full-ten year term, and will dedicate myself to improving Family Court and protecting the children of Oswego County.

I would be honored to have the support of the voters of Oswego County.

To learn more about me, visit my website, www.ColemanForFamilyCourt.com or www.facebook.com/ColemanForFamilyCourt.

Respectfully yours,
Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman


  1. We need someone in there who is going to think of the best interest of the children … I wish NYS would consider Grandparents Rights … My Grandma and Grandpa were a huge part of my life growing up … back then kids weren’t used as ammo against the other parent or the grandparents … You have my vote …

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