A New Mix of Summer Classes at Fulton YMCA

ENERGY BALANCE 101: Controlling weight is balancing energy. If the number of calories in and the calories out are in balance, you will maintain your weight. When it comes right down to it, what’s even more important than knowing exact amounts of calories consumed and calories burned is simply being mindful of your lifestyle.

The Fulton Family YMCA offers numerous fitness programs to assist you in being active and to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. The long term benefits include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, helping control blood sugar and increasing energy levels. Part of our mission is to help you in your quest for health. Our mission is to build a strong you.

All of our fitness classes are taught by experienced, certified fitness instructors. Free to Member fitness classes are listed below. Program members may purchase a fitness class punch card or enroll in programs. The following types of classes being offered are; Aqua Aerobics, Awesome Abs, Ju-Jutsu (not free to members), Karate (not free to members), Kick Boxing, **Osteo Exercise-Please call RSVP to register. (312-2317), Chair Yoga, Yoga Fit, Pilates, Silver Sneakers, Total Body Workout, Zumba/Strength, Zumba, and ZumbAtomic.

Perhaps you’re just beginning to work out on a regular basis, or maybe you’re looking to get to the next level. Whatever your situation and goals, our YMCA Personal Trainers can help YOU! YMCA Personal Training is a great way to customize your workout program. Our trainers can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, and can further improve your body composition through both traditional and innovative techniques.

Child care is available during most of these classes so you can bring your kids! Please contact the Fulton Family YMCA at 598-9622 or see our website at www.fultonymca.com for a complete class schedule.