A Note To Our Readers: About This Week….

So, how’ve you been? I’d like to say we’ve been fine, but we haven’t been. For most of this week, we’ve been dead in the water, and now that we’re back, we’re not exactly in perfect condition.

Sometime overnight Sunday into Monday, the hard drive holding all of Oswego County Today went to Hard Drive Heaven. The drive locked up tight and refused to let us in. Our hosting partners immediately set about building a new server for us, which took a day or two to build, set up, test and deploy.

Meantime, we began to wrestle with the reality of what we had lost: Our entire archives. (We had a backup, but it was backed up to the hard drive that died.)

We’ve found an old backup, from last November, to get us up and running again, but that means two things:

1. Stories from November 29 to yesterday are gone, maybe forever.
2. ALL of our photos are gone, maybe forever.

So, in advance, our apologies to those of you who pointed friends and relatives at newborn photos or obituaries from the last 7 months — they’re gone, along with everything else.

We’re taking one last stab at the dead hard drive before we take out our frustrations on it. If we can find a way in, then we might be able to salvage our archives. But we’re assuming the worse, and so should you.

So you should expect to see some strangely old content on the website for a few days, while we begin to fill back up with current stuff.

I need to thank our Jack-of-all-trades in the office, Sales and Marketing Manager/Webmaster Fred Reed, who has worked without stopping to get us back up and running — a very difficult and stressful job. He’s a good man. It’s a shame that this thing took ten years off his life.

And a quick note to thank the many folks who sent us e-mails of encouragement during the week. Some, like our friend Vicky Mullen, Oswego town supervisor, are friends of long standing. But most came from e-mail addresses I did not recognize — “long-time listeners, first-time callers”, as they say in the talk radio trade. That was very nice.

It’s been a long time since our last big crash, one that happened over (and spoiled) Memorial Day weekend 8 or 9 years ago. We’ll see if we can push our next big problem out till long after we’re dead. That would be nice.

-Dave Bullard/Managing Editor


  1. Dave…
    If You don’t have any luck with recovering the data from that failed hard drive don’t discard it send it to me … I have had quite good luck getting those failed drives to come alive long enough to get the data transferred to a good drive….
    Tom Tryniski

    [Tom: Thanks for the offer! If we can get our hands on the drive, I’ll do that. Our hosting company’s policy is not to allow customers to get their dead equipment, but we’re pushing.]

  2. Dave, have you considered looking at other hosting providers? I was born and raised in Fulton and now live in Charlotte, NC still keeping in touch back home through the site. I own a hosting company down here and could offer an alternative to the services you are getting today.

  3. Mike: We’d love to know what you’ve got going. Drop me a note at dbullard at twcny dot rr dot com .

  4. Great job, Fred and Dave. I missed reading you. Glad you are back up and looking great!!

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