A Special Day At Fitzhugh Elementary School

A Special Day At FPS

A Special Day At FPS

OSWEGO, NY – On October 1, the entire Fitzhugh Park Elementary School faculty, staff and students came together for a very special photo.

A Special Day At FPS
A Special Day At FPS

To celebrate the first month of school and bring everyone together as a team working toward a common purpose, all staff and students stood proudly donning their “Team Fitzhugh” T-shirts in formation of the letters FPS.

Our goal was to communicate to the entire school community that together we can achieve more.

Fitzhugh Park School staff spent much time this summer planning for an even more successful school year than last and with its new mission, “to develop and inspire leaders, one student at a time” is off to a great start with “All Hands On Deck.”

To make the photo extra special, it was taken by former Fitzhugh student Demetri Andritsakis.

Students were filled with excitement as they posed for the camera, with extra wide smiles to capture this memorable event.

Following the photo, student leaders, Benjamin Norton and Kiara Barton helped lead  Andritsakis on a tour of his childhood school.

Visiting his alma mater and interacting with the students “brought back a lot of great memories,” said Andritsakis.