A Time To Be Thankful

By Samantha Flavell

OSWEGO – The holidays are a time in which families reunite over a meal and catch up on what has happened since the last gathering. Whether it is for family, friends or even just the good food, Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to remember things could be a lot worse and it is important to always be grateful for what you have.

“I am grateful for my wife and our five sons, four daughters-in-law and four grandchildren, along with our extended families and wonderful friends,” said Jeffrey Rea, assistant director for media relations at Oswego State. “How very fortunate and thankful we are.”

While Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for those around you, many also take the time to appreciate things that are taken for granted for the majority of the year.

“I am most thankful for my good health,” said Brian Parkers, the president of Parkhurst Enterprises Inc.

Health is not something that many people think of.

If you are not sick you do not appreciate being healthy. It is only when your nose is stuffed that you appreciate how nice clear airways are.

While it is important to be thankful all throughout the year, especially at Thanksgiving people can take a few moments out of their day to think about the little things that matter most.

“I am thankful of such a great environment we have here at SUNY Oswego, physically and academically. I am also thankful of all that our police officers do to protect the public and make our community one of the safest in New York State,” said Oswego State University Police Chief John Rossi.

People like Chief Rossi look at the campus community as a second home.

One that they appreciate and protect as they would their own home.

“I’m thankful to work on a campus with so many brilliant and caring people who strive to change the world for the better,” said Tim Nekritz, Associate Director and Director of News and Media Services at Oswego State. “I’m also thankful that, on a daily basis, I get to work with so many awesome students who are building amazing futures.”

There are other staff members on campus who share a mindset similar to that of Nekritz’s.

Oswego States journalism professor, Arvind Diddi also shared how he appreciates the college and the students who attend that he gets the opportunity to meet and teach.

“I am thankful for my family and friends,” Diddi said. “And for a career that enables me to make a positive difference in the younger generation.”

For some people, the things they have become the most thankful for are the things in life that they had never expected.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather together with those you are close to and appreciate the curve balls that life may have thrown your way.

“I am most thankful for my daughter. There was a time in my life when having children was not something I thought I would do and now after having my daughter, I can’t imagine my life without her!  She makes me laugh every day and brings joy to everyone around her,” said Leigh Viscomi the community development specialist of five resident halls on campus at Oswego State. “I’m also thankful for my husband who is an incredibly patient and supportive partner on this crazy journey of parenthood.”