A Tribute To Our Veterans

A Tribute to Our Veterans

Once again, we were able to enjoy the collaboration of our outstanding Fulton Community Band (led by conductor Carol Fox) with the 10th Mountain Division Band from Fort Drum.

Hosted by the Fulton Music Association and their president Steve Chirello for many years, the concert has become a no miss event that our community looks forward to each year.

With our daughter, Kelly, and a full audience, we were musically inspired and entertained with outstanding musical selections and exceptional soloists.

With mostly older adults in attendance, it was heartwarming to see some young families and their children enjoying the music and gaining an appreciation of the meaning of Veterans’ Day.

The last portion of the program brought both bands on stage together, at which time they recognized each branch of service with their theme songs. As each theme was played, veterans stood up and were recognized. You could see how proud they were as they stood. It was an extremely emotional moment as they were appreciated and applauded for their service.

May we always remember our veterans and show our deep appreciation throughout the year.

Submitted by,

Bob and Sandy Weston