Abby Stamm ‘A Day In The Life Of A Peace Corps Volunteer’

OSWEGO, NY – On April 28, Abby Stamm displayed her collection of baskets, beads, cooking utensils, jewelry, bags and clothing she has collected in her many Peace Corps assignments to Africa.

Abby Stamm
Abby Stamm

The clothing was typical of that worn in the communities she served. Kitchen tools were locally made of wood and locally hammered metal.

Some of the items were made by women to support their families.

Some of the programs were supported by Rotary clubs.

Abby recently returned from Uganda where she taught health in a secondary school.

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  1. Abby: We have always been impressed with how much of yourself you give to your volunteer work, g0ing places few of us in Oswego would consider going to ‘help out,’ like South Central LA, not just all those economically depressed African countries!

    I know that few babysitters had the energy you and Patience showed when our highly energetic Russian first arrived (!), lol. So we ‘suspected’ great things of you even back then in high school.

    Welcome home…until the next ‘continent’ and country calls!

    All your friends are very, very impressed with all you do!

    Deb and Ray Engelke

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