Adult Psychiatrist Joins Oswego Health’s Behavior Health Services Department

OSWEGO, NY – Adult Psychiatrist Victor Otokiti who possesses expertise in treating those with substance abuse issues, has joined the Oswego Hospital medical staff and provides care at the healthcare’s behavioral health services department on Bunner Street in Oswego.

Victor Otokiti
Victor Otokiti

During his college and medical school years, Dr. Otokiti found that the study of toxicology and drug information, as well as biology and chemistry intriguing. Those interests lead him to become an adult psychiatrist well versed in treating those with substance abuse issues.

“I felt that by becoming very knowledgeable on the subjects of toxicology and drugs, I could well serve patients who need psychiatric help,” Dr. Otokiti said. “It is common in my specialty to see patients with dual diagnoses that need help overcoming both their psychiatric and their substance abuse issues. The best way to treat these patients is to treat both conditions together.”

Dr. Otokiti earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Grambling State University in Louisiana. He obtained his medical degree from De Le Salle University in the Philippines.

Dr. Otokiti completed his psychiatric residency training at Metropolitan Hospital and fulfilled a fellowship in addiction psychiatry/addiction medicine at The Mount Sinai Hospital/Veterans Medical Center. Both of these medical training facilities are located in New York City. He has been a practicing psychiatrist since 2006.

At Oswego Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services Department, Dr. Otokiti will provide care to facility inpatients.

“Dr. Otokiti brings a new perspective on caring for patients with mental illness,” said Kim Garrow, associate administrator of behavior services. “Many of our patients have substance abuse issues and his expertise increases our ability to provide these patients with the highest quality of care. Psychiatric and substance abuse issues are often a very difficult combination for both clients and the clinical staff and Dr. Otokiti’s skills will be invaluable to this organization.”

Dr. Otokiti, who has previously provided care in the New York City area, said that he has found the Oswego County area very friendly and a comfortable place to raise a family.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and basketball.

Oswego Hospital provides a complete range for behavioral health services to those age five through adult.

For more information, please call 326-4100.