Aerobic Fitness and Academic Success go hand in hand for Hannibal DMK 6th grade students

Aerobic Fitness and Academic Success go hand in hand for Dennis Kenney 6th grade students. April 17th, 18th and 19th were Standardized testing dates for all students in New York State.

The 6th grade teachers at DMK middle school worked together with Dan Pawlewicz and Lynn Halliwell, Physical Education Teachers; to let the students run a modified version of the Coopers FITNESSGRAM Pacer test before taking their New York State ELA test.

A unique feature of FITNESSGRAM is that it uses scientifically determined standards that are based on how fit children should be for good health. Most children can achieve the health-related fitness standards if they perform sufficient amounts of physical activity on a regular basis. Research shows the connection between Fitness and academic success. 6th grade teachers: Cathy Smith, Liz Stoddard, Jodi Jones, Mat Burridge and Julia Brooks were creative and willing to “change” it up and have the students get off the bus to participate in the PACER running program, directly before taking their tests.

The 6th grade students; loved the running in the morning. The idea was such a hit; that, the students asked if they could run next week before their New York State test in Math.

April 25th, 26th and 27th the 6th grade students again will combine Aerobic exercise with Academics!