Agenda for Hannibal Board of Education Meeting Tonight

Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Time: 7:00 p.m. (regular meeting to start at 7:30 p.m.)
Meeting Type: Reorganization and Regular Meeting
Location: Board Room — High School


A. Call to Order – Clerk of the Board

B. Administer Oath of Office to New Board Member, Madeline Pittorf (1-year term).

Executive Session – 7:00-7:30 p.m.

C. Roll call and quorum check

D. Pledge of Allegiance

E. Call for election of President by Clerk of the Board.

F. Administration of oath to President.

G. New President assumes chair and proceeds with business of the meeting as follows:

2010-11 Information Proposed 2011-12

1. Election of Vice President Erin Hess ____________________

Administration of oath to Vice-President

2. Appointment of Officers

a. Clerk of the Board Lisa M. Shortslef Lisa M. Shortslef
b. Treasurer of the District Jean Ford Jean Ford
c. Collector of Taxes Lorraine Shortslef Lorraine Shortslef
d. Internal Claims Auditor Amy Klein Amy Klein

3. Other Appointments

a. School Medical Officer Oswego Hospital Oswego Hospital
b. School Attorney Ferrara, Fiorenza, Ferrara, Fiorenza, (rates attch’d)
Larrison, Barrett & Reitz Larrison, Barrett & Reitz
c. Attendance Officer Stacy Longyear Stacy Longyear
d. Insurance Consultant Eastern Shore Associates Eastern Shore Associates
e. Central Treasurer, Extraclass Fund Heather Cerillo Heather Cerillo

f. Auditor, Extraclass Fund Scott Harse Scott Harse
g. School Purchasing Agents Michael DiFabio and Nancy Dingman
Nancy Henner
h. Deputy Purchasing Agent — Edmund P. Backus
i. External Auditor D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP
j. Records Access Officer Lisa M. Shortslef Lisa M. Shortslef
k. Records Management Officer Lisa M. Shortslef Lisa M. Shortslef
l. School Architect SWBR Architects SWBR Architects
m. School Construction Manager Lend Lease – EXCEL Lend Lease – EXCEL
Project & Robert Project & Robert
Gray (G.M.S.) – Jordan Gray (G.M.S.) – Jordan
Litigation Litigation
n. Title IX/Section 504/ADA Compliance Stacy Longyear Stacy Longyear
o. OCM BOCES Worker’s Compensation Nancy Henner Nancy Dingman
p. Free/Reduced Lunch Appeals Officers Michael DiFabio Edmund P. Backus
q. Agent for Child Nutrition Program Michael DiFabio Edmund P. Backus
r. Asbestos (LEA) Designee Michael Maxam Michael Maxam
s. School & Municipal Energy Coop. Nancy Henner Nancy Dingman
Board of Directors Representative
t. Cooperative Health Insurance Fund Nancy Henner Nancy Dingman
of CNY Representative

4. Designations

a. Official bank depository Community Bank, Community Bank,
Hannibal Office; Chase; Hannibal Office; Chase;
HSBC; First Niagara HSBC; First Niagara
Community Bank & Community Bank &
Citizens Bank Citizens Bank

b. Regular monthly meeting Second Wednesday, Second Wednesday,
7:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.,
District Office District Office
c. Signatures on checks for:

(1) General Fund Treasurer Treasurer
(2) Extraclass Fund Fund Treasurer and Fund Treasurer and
H.S. Principal H.S. Principal
(3) School Lunch Fund Treasurer Treasurer
(4) Payroll Account Treasurer Treasurer
(5) Trust & Agency Account Treasurer Treasurer
(6) Special Aid Fund Treasurer Treasurer
(7) Capital Fund Treasurer Treasurer

d. Person to submit bid Clerk or Clerk or
notices to newspapers Superintendent Superintendent

e. Person authorized to open bids Clerk, Superintendent Clerk, Superintendent
and School Business Mgr. and School Business Admin.
or Alternate Administrator or Alternate Administrator

f. Adopt payroll calendar Adopted 5/12/10 Adopted 5/11/11

g. Board memberships NYSSBA, OCSBA, NYSSBA, OCSBA,
CNYSBA, Rural Schools CNYSBA, Rural Schools Prog.


h. Official newspapers The Palladium-Times and The Palladium-Times and
The Valley News The Valley News

i. Person to certify payrolls Superintendent Superintendent

j. Person to approve board transfers Superintendent Superintendent
up to $20,000

5. Authorize Bonding of Personnel

a. District Treasurer & Tax Collector
b. Blanket or position bond for other employees

6. Other

a. Establish mileage reimbursement $.48 ________________

b. Establish employee expense Subject to approval Subject to approval
reimbursement of Superintendent of Superintendent

c. Approve resolution to allow participation in BOCES and other governmental agencies cooperative bidding.

d. Readopt all Board of Education Policies in effect during previous year.

7. Adjourn Reorganization Meeting.



A. Call the meeting to order.
B. Comments from visitors
• Speakers will be asked to sign up to speak before the meeting, providing their name, address, phone number. If they have a question, they will be asked to write it out.
• List will be given to the President before the start of the meeting.
• If there are 10 speakers or more, a 3-minute limit on speaking will be put in place. Speakers may be grouped according to subject. They may speak once.
• President will make a statement before every board meeting that only factual and yes or no questions will be answered. Others may require research, but they will be answered by letter or a phone call.
• Questions and their answers from the previous month’s meeting will be quickly reviewed. Questions and their answers will also be available on the back bulletin board.
• After “comments” section, corrections may be made.
• Second “comments” section will be the same as the first.
C. Minutes – June 8, 2011
D. Financial Reports – May, 2011
1. Treasurer’s Report
2. Cafeteria Report
3. Extraclass Fund Report
4. Transfer Report
5. Transfer Requests
E. Correspondence and Notifications
1. Results of NYSDOT’s Semi-Annual Bus Safety Inspections
2. Corrective Action Letter to New York State Comptroller’s Office for audit conducted July 1,
2009 – September 30, 2010.
3. Thank you letter from Debra Henderson
4. Thank you letter from Second Graders
F. Reports and requests
1. Board Member Forum:
2. BOCES Board Report – D. Blake
3. EXCEL Project Report – John Putnam, Lend Lease


A. Personnel
1. Appointments:
a. Meghan Welling, Typist, $24,745, Change in Probationary Appointment from Six-months to One-year, effective July 1, 2011.
b. Carri Waloven, TOSA – Literacy Coach, $58,220, effective July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012.
c. Harold Goodale, Transportation Supervisor, $52,500, One-year Probationary Appointment, effective April 1, 2011.
d. Fall 2011 Coaching Positions:
1. John Manion, Varsity Football, $5,683.
2. Andy Matteson, Assistant Varsity Football, $4,172.
3. Mike Kitts, Modified Football, $3,764.
4. Rob Piascik, Assistant Modified Football, $3,764.
5. Dan Pawlewicz, Varsity Cross Country, $5,530.
6. Dan Witmer, Varsity Soccer, $5,683.
7. Carri Waloven, Modified Soccer, $3,012.
e. Roy Sova, ¾ Bus Driver, $16.64/hr., 1-year Probationary Appointment, effective June 9, 2011.
f. Christopher DeJohn, ¾ Bus Driver, $16.64/hr., 1-year Probationary Appointment, effective June 9, 2011.
g. Michele Scott, Food Service Helper, $9.36/hr., 1-year Probationary Appointment, effective September 1, 2011.
h. Kerri Steacy, Substitute Bus Driver, $11.84/hr., pending criminal clearance.


2. Resignations:
a. Meghan Welling, Teaching Assistant, effective June 30, 2011.
b. Teresa Poudrier, School Monitor, effective June 30, 2011.
3. Retirements:
a. Carol Eggleston, Typist, Change in effective date to June 29, 2011.
4. Leave of Absence:
a. Michelle Ross, Speech Therapist, Paid and Unpaid LOA, effective June 3 – 30, 2011.
B. Committees
1. Recommendations of Committees on Preschool Special Education and Special


A. Second reading and adoption of Textbooks, Literature Grade 7 and Literature Grade 8 by Holt-


A. Discussion of 2011-12 Budget
B. Approve $.05 Increase to 2011-12 School Lunch Price
C. Discuss and Approve Wages for Central Printing Employees:
2010-11 2011-12
1. Eleanor Rea $12.00
2. Bonnie Newton $ 8.50
D. Adopt Resolution to Abolish Half-Time English Position and Terminate Courtney Best, effective July
1, 2011.
E. Approve Oswego County BOCES bids for the following vendors for school year 2011-12:
• Ice Cream – Perry’s Ice Cream Company
• Milk – Hudson’s Dairy
• Bread – Bimbo Foods, Inc.
• Paper and Plastic – All American Poly, Calico Industries, Central Poly Corp., Hill & Markes, Inc., Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc., Pyramid School Products, and U.S. Food Service
• Permanent Small Wares – Calico Industries and Smith Restaurant Supply Company
F. Award HVAC maintenance contract to Upstate Temperature Control for the 2011-12 year, $26,740.
G. Approve License Agreement with LRG Prep, LLC to use the Schools “Marks.”
H. Adopt Resolution to nominate William Miller, NYSSBA Area 5 Director, to another 2-year term.
I. Agenda items for August:

Additional Comments from Visitors.


A. Personnel