Aldi Pulaski Reopening Draws Big Crowd

Customers lined the outside of the newly remodeled Aldi in Pulaski awaiting the grand reopening.

PULASKI, NY – Customers lined with their carts outside of the newly remodeled Aldi store in Pulaski, eager to see the store’s new layout and shop the low prices.

The store has faithfully served the Pulaski community since its opening in September of 2000, and 16 years later closed for two months from May until July for a complete remodel.

“This community has been giving back to us for years,” said Michael Beach, district manager of the Pulaski store. “With the ever increasing need for fresh products, it was our time to give back to them with a modernized, more convenient store and I’d say we accomplished our task.”

District Manager, Michael Beach addresses the crowd before employees officially reopen the Pulaski Aldi.
District manager Michael Beach addresses the crowd before employees officially reopen the Pulaski Aldi.

The overhaul to the store included the addition of as 13 ½ foot aisle, increased square footage, a “severely new layout” with shelving and signage, and a focus on fresh items, namely produce and meat, according to Beach.

Aldi is an international supermarket chain with a commitment to bringing a high quality, wide rage of products at a price of up to 50% less than competitors, said Chelsea Gallup, district manager of the Syracuse area.

She described the Pulaski store’s new look as, “a really new, fresh layout that is customer friendly with an open floor plan.”

She added that much of the emphasis of the remodel was on product freshness, but specifically addressed the need of freshness for produce and meat.

Aldi continues to focus on an ever increasing product range including brands such as Live G Free, a gluten free line of product, Simply Nature, an organic brand of product, and Never Any, a brand of meat free of hormones, among many others.

“We have spent a lot of time and money on this store while always remaining focused on our commitment to high quality, low prices, fresh produce and meat, and an always evolving range of product,” said Gallup.

Gallup disclosed a new line of product that will be coming to Aldi stores soon currently under the promotional title, “We’re Expecting.”

Little Journey is a full range line of baby products providing diapers, wipes, formula, “everything you would need for a baby,” said Gallup, who indicated the line is expected to be released in a couple weeks.

Adding a baby product line is one further step taken by Aldi to try to answer to all the needs of their customers.

“This will help us become more of a one stop shop, to help our customers avoid going to multiple stores for their needs and spending more than they need,” Gallup explained.

Many customers of the Aldi store in Pulaski store were excited to have the location reopened and were enthusiastic about the store’s new look.

At the reopening, customers were able to shop the store, check out the new layout and even enter a sweepstakes for a year’s worth of free produce.

Aldi helps save customers money by having them bag their own groceries in bags or boxes the customer supplies for themselves.
Aldi helps save customers money by having them bag their own groceries.

“I have been chomping at the bit, my friends have been teasing me about what I’m going to do while Aldi is closed,” laughed one customer, Barbara Paganelli.

She said she had gone to other stores while the remodel was underway and even other local Aldi stores and did not find comparable experiences as when shopping at the Pulaski location.

“The employees here are so sociable and fun. If I’m ever unhappy with something, I know I can bring it back and get it resolved no matter what it is, you don’t always have that confidence at other stores,” she said.

Another shopper agreed, “Isn’t it funny how things like that matter? Grocery shopping isn’t fun, so it has to be a pleasant experience and that always happens here,” said Lois Williams.

The women said they continue to choose Aldi in Pulaski for this reason but also can’t beat the prices, quality and selection. Both women were astonished by the store’s new look.

“It’s absolutely stunning,” said Paganelli.

“What an improvement!” said Williams. “This store is quite an asset to Pulaski.”

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