Altmar Elementary kindergarten and fourth graders team up for art project

Altmar Elementary School students in kindergarten and fourth grades teamed up to work on a cooperative Art and English Language Arts project recently when other grades were out of the school building on field trips.

The partnership of Hannah Wilson, left, Delilah Paternoster, center, and Katelynn Trumble, made the most of leftover pieces of ribbon, yarn and other creative accents on their art project.

Tables were set up on the playground.

Leftover art supplies were gathered for use in the project, which was the brainchild of art teacher Donna O’Hara.

Supplies that were destined to be tossed in the trash, such as scraps of ribbon, leftover fabric pieces and paints that would not be usable after the summer were utilized to allow the creativity of the teams of artists come to life on the blank canvas.

Pink hearts and flowers adorned the banners on one of the decidedly feminine girl’s tables set up on the playground behind Altmar Elementary School. Kindergarten students and fourth graders partnered up for a special cooperative art activity. Pictured clockwise from left are: Kaitlyn Cowan, Gabby Janack, Hailey Comstock, Anna Middleton, Madison Carusone and Katherine Babcock.

Each fourth grader and kindergarten partner worked cooperatively together to decide on a design for their banner which was made from old sheets and tablecloths.

The white canvases were soon filled with bright paint colors and adorned with ribbons and shapes cut from scrap materials on the art carts.

Following the hour of artistic creativity the students partnered once again to write a story about their time together working on the art projects.

Jeramiah Bice, left, trips a piece of cloth while his partner, Kenneth DuPont carefully paints their canvas.
Kindergartners Preston Schuon, left, and Isabella Scott, apply paint to their project while their fourth grade partner, Abigail Babcock looks for other materials to add to their cooperative art project. The students came together during the last week of school when the other grades were on field trips away from the school.