Altmar Elementary School Fourth Grade Celebration

A special ceremony was held at Altmar Elementary School (AES) during the last week of the school year to celebrate the educational accomplishments of students in the fourth grade.

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Fourth grade students at Altmar Elementary School were recognized for their continuous high academic achievement with President Barack Obama’s Academic Excellence. Pictured are the recipients, front row, left to right: Emily Weaver, Anna Mullin, Kody Haywood, Anna Middleton, Katherine Tanner, and Abigail Babcock. Second row, left to right: Jacob Smith, Jared Race, Jocelyn Zender, Tori Ware, Emily Sampson, Blaise Potts, Hannah Comstock, Jessica Wiggins, and Coralynne Milliken.

AES Principal Denise Penoyer commended the students for the hard work and time that each of them has put into school and learning.

She spoke about the importance of setting goals, encouraged the students to learn from their mistakes and said, “Don’t stop when the going gets tough… Don’t give up and don’t give in.”

Also invited to honor the students during the ceremony was their classroom teachers: Ms. Heather Holmes, Mrs. Lynne Harper and Mrs. Diane Nichols.

The teachers presented each student with a commemorative certificate of achievement and awards from President Barack Obama were distributed.

Fourth grade students from Altmar Elementary School were presented with the President’s Award for Academic Achievement at the school’s recent fourth grade celebration. In recognition of outstanding educational growth and improvement, this year’s recipients were: Front row, left to right: Samuel Smith, Katherine Parsons, Katelin Castor, and Saydie Auslander. Second row, left to right: Alice LaCelle, Madison Carusone, Megan Rice, Devin Tanner, and George McDonald.

Earning the President’s Academic Excellence Award for continuous high academic achievement was students: Hannah Comstock, Kody Haywood, Coralynne Milliken, Blaise Potts, Tanner Sheltra, Tori Ware, Jessica Wiggins, Anna Middleton, Jason Morey, Katherine Tanner, Abigail Babcock, Anna Mullin, Jared Race, Emily Sampson, Jacob Smith, Emily Weaver and Jocelyn Zender.

The President’s Award for Academic Achievement, which recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth and improvement in their academic subjects, was awarded to: George McDonald, Samuel Smith, Devin Tanner, Madison Carusone, Katelin Castor, Alice LaCelle, Katherine Parsons, Saydie Auslander, and Megan Rice.