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September 25, 2018

American Red Cross Upcoming Events – MAY 2010

MAY 2010

Contact Number: 343-0967
Tuesday       5/4/10    Blood Drive      11:30am-5:30pm     SUNY Oswego
 Wednesday 5/5/10    Blood Drive      11:30am-5:30pm     SUNY Oswego
 Thursday     5/6/10    Blood Drive      11:30am-5:30pm     SUNY OswegoThursday     5/6/10    CPR/AED Adult Class    5:30pm-10:30pm      Oswego Branch Office

Saturday      5/8/10    CPR/AED Professional Rescuer Class    8:30am-5:00pm Oswego Branch Office

Wednesday  5/12/10  Blood Drive    11:30am-4:30pm     Believers Chapel Fulton

Wednesday  5/12/10  CPR/AED Adult Review Class     5:30pm-8:30pm Oswego Branch Office

Monday     5/17/10    CPR/AED Professional Rescuer Review & CPR/AED Lifeguard Review Class     5:30pm-10:30pm   Oswego Branch Office

Tuesday     5/18/10    Blood Drive    1:30pm-6:30pm    New Haven Community Alliance Church

Tuesday     5/18/10    CPR/AED Child plus Infant CPR Class     5:30pm-10:30pm       Oswego Branch Office

Thursday   5/20/10   Standard First Aid Class    5:30pm-9:30pm    Oswego Branch Office

Monday     5/24/10    Blood Drive    12:30pm-6:30pm    Sandy Creek United     Methodist Church

Wednesday 5/26/10 Blood Drive 11:30am-5:30pm Oswego Elks Lodge #271

Wednesday 5/26/10 Standard First Aid w/CPR/AED Adult (Day 1)        5:30pm-10:30pm       Oswego Branch Office

Thursday    5/27/10  (Day 2)     5:30pm-8:30pm      Oswego Branch Office

Friday         5/28/10    Blood Drive    11:30am-4:30pm    Oswego Branch Office




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