By – Gary Spaid
Photos – Bev&Ken Dippel Photos

WILLIAMSON, NY? – Amy Catalano broke her string of three, third place finishes, and won both ends of the Twin-25 laps for the Sunoco Modifieds last Friday evening at Spencer Speedway.

“?I have to thank my entire family for all of their support,?” stated Amy after the first feature, adding,? “I knew he (Leaty) was there on my rear bumper. My car was pushing and I had to fight to keep it on the bottom of the track.?”

An inversion pill was drawn to line up the second feature. Amy drew a number 2, meaning just the top two finishers from the first feature switched places.

Following the second 25-lapper Amy added that she saw and felt Timmerman close behind her. She stated, “?The luck of the inversion draw was on my side.”

Amy Catalano and family celebrate in victory lane after a pair of Sunoco Modified feature wins

Jim Steffenhagen, Jr. kept his win streak alive in the Super Stocks. Following his victory a special drawing was held for fans supporting the Steffenhagen family?s fight against cancer.

?”There was no way I was not going to win this one?,” stated Steffenhagen Jr. in victory lane. “My mom has been by my side and now she is fighting cancer. We just wanted to help her with her fight. Thanks to all who supported this drawing.?”

Tim Faro won his first ever Super Six 20-lap feature and Kevin Bertolone won the Auto Value Scorpion 15-lap main event.

The start of the first Twin 25-lappers, saw Dave Catalano take the lead over Eddie Hawkins and Bobby Lippa, Jr.  A spin on lap three by Toad Bradshaw forced a restart in which race officials felt Catalano had jumped the rest of the field. He was placed at the rear of the pack and the race resumed.

This time his wife, Amy, jumped into the lead and never looked back. Two additional yellows slowed the field, each for minor spins. Amy lead a freight-train of Mike Leaty, Chris Finocchario, Kevin Timmerman and her husband Dave, who worked his way back up to fifth, to the finish line.

The second 25-lapper was the last race of the evening. Amy jumped into the lead from her outside pole starting spot. The race had to be red flagged on lap five following a yellow flag for a spin-out. The restart saw Fred Taylor get sideways in the second turn and slam head on into the outside wall at full throttle. Fred emerged uninjured, but his car was extensively damaged.

Once underway, Amy led Kevin Timmerman and Mike Leaty in a three car breakaway. They raced the final 20 laps under green flag conditions. Amy was able to hold on for the victory beating Timmerman, Leaty, Hawkins and Finocchario to the finish line.

The Super Stocks saw Mitchell Wright take the lead and hold off eventual winner Jim Steffenhagen Jr. for 12 laps of the 20-lap feature. Only one yellow slowed the race, that coming on lap three when Kris Hillegeer made contact with the second turn wall damaging his Monte Carlo.

Once by Wright, Steffenhagen drew away from the rest of the field to a dominating victory. Wright held on for second followed by Steve Malin in his first appearance of the year.  Jeff Parent and Billy Gleason rounded out the top five finishers.

The Super Sixes saw a battle for the lead between Erick Ruffell and Brian Hallett during the first quarter of the race. Tim Faro joined the battle after a brilliant charge from fouth to second just before the yellow flew for Rick Wilson, who stopped in the fourth turn

Amy Catalano (54) & Mike Leaty Spencer (1) do battle on Friday night at Spencer

?”I had no power steering,”? commented Faro about his first ever feature victory in the division. ?”I just have to thank all of the fans for coming out to see this race.?”

The Auto Value 4-Cyclinder Scorpions saw Kevin Bertolone power his Honda Acura to victory. Bertolone passed Zach Willis?s Honda Prelude on lap five to take the lead.

A spin on lap nine by Troy Youngs was the only yellow flag of the race. Bertolone held off Alison Knoepfler over the last half of the race. Alison pressured Bertolone, but could never find a chance to make the pass for the win. Bertolone led Knoepfler across the finish line. Mike Bradshaw, Joe Clark and Willis rounded out the top five finishers.

?”I think she could have passed me given the opportunity,”? stated Bertolone. ?”She seemed to have the faster car.?”

Faro?’s victory gave him the division point lead by a mere two points over Ryan Hillegeer.


*The Kids Bicycle races were not held last Friday, but will be run on Friday, July 29. A second Kids Bicycle race is planned for a night in August?.

*One of the worst accidents came during the second Sunoco Modified heat race. Paul Jeffers slammed into the fourth turn wall damaging the right-front suspension on his number 47 modified?.

*Before the racing started a special belated victory lane was held for Daryl Lewis, Jr. who was declared the Sunoco Modified feature winner back on June 17 after the apparent race winner did not pass tech inspection. “?It?s been a while for me to get a win, some two or three years ago,”? stated Lewis Jr. “?We have been struggling for two years now. We will have to see how the rest of the year goes.”? He then added, ?”I have to thank my wife for all of this. She puts up with me going to the garage to work on the car at night instead of spending time with her.?”

Racing returns to Spencer on Friday, July 15, with a special double points night in all divisions – the Modifieds will be running a Spencer/Chemung/Holland Challenge race. Also on hand will be the ultra quick Legend Cars. Race time will be 7:30 p.m. sharp. For more information go on Spencer Speedway go to

Spencer Speedway is located just 15 minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local ?NASCAR Place to Race? for Central New York. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Series championship.



HEAT 1: A. Knoepfler, M. Bradshaw, J. Clark, D. Lazzaro, A. Montgomery.

HEAT 2:  K. Bertolone, O. Bradshaw, Z. Willis, B. Bradshaw, D. Bradshaw.

FEATURE (15-laps): KEVIN BERTOLONE, Alison Knoepfler, Mike Bradshaw, Joe Clark, Zach Willis, Austin Montgomery, Otis Bradshaw, Dale Lazzaro, Russell Peets, Dave Bradshaw, Bro Bradshaw, Beth Dennie, Richie Gross, Andrea LaManna (DNS).


HEAT 1: B. Hallett, P. Cowell, B. Allen, A. VanHall, J. Welch.

HEAT 2:  T. Faro, R. Wilson, E. Ruffell, V. Grant, R. Hillegeer.

FEATURE (20-laps): TIM FARO, Peter Cowell, Ryan Hillegeer, Van Grant, Erick Ruffell, Brandon Allen, Adam VanHall, Troy Youngs, John Welch, Bill Malin, Brian Hallett, Rick Wilson.


HEAT 1: J. Steffenhagen Jr., M. Wright, Billy Gleason, Bobby Lippa Jr., Robert Polka.

HEAT 2: K. Hillegeer, J. Parent, S. Malin, T. Fecteau, B. Larner.

FEATURE (20-laps): JIM STEFFENHAGEN JR., Mitchell Wright, Steve Malin, Jeff Parent, Billy Gleason, Tom Fecteau, Robert Polka, Bobby Lippa Jr., Kris Hillegeer, Brandon Larner (DNS).


HEAT 1: D. Catalano, M. Leaty, B. Lippa Jr., D. Lewis Jr., M. Cline.

HEAT 2:  A. Catalano, C. Finocchario, T. Bradshaw, A. Lewis, E. Hawkins.

HEAT 3:  K. Timmerman, R. Beeman, Eie. Hawkins,  J. London, J. Boerman.

FEATURE (25-laps): AMY CATALANO, Mike Leaty, Chris Finocchario, Kevin Timmerman, Dave Catalano, Eddie Hawkins, Ryan Beeman, Andy Lewis, Bobby Lippa Jr., Fred Taylor, Mark Cline, Jody London, Toad Bradshaw, Ed Hawkins, Scott Combs, John Avery, Daryl Lewis Jr., Jake Boerman, Matt Lees, Paul Jeffers (DNS).

FEATURE (25-laps): AMY CATALANO, Kevin Timmerman, Mike Leaty, Eddie Hawkins, Chris Finocchario, Dave Catalano, Ryan Beeman, Andy Lewis, Tony Hanbury, Daryl Lewis Jr., Bobby Lippa Jr., Jake Boerman, Mark Cline, Ed Hawkins, Scott Combs, Matt Lees, Fred Taylor, Toad Bradshaw, John Avery, Paul Jeffers (DNS).