Amy Tresidder Is A Leader

To The Editor:

Amy Tresidder is a leader. An intelligent, mature, experienced leader. Amy Tresidder is the type of leader Oswego needs right now. Decisive and wise, with a plan to improve The city of Oswego now.

Her competitor appears to lack leadership. Her competitor appears to lack maturity. Removing Amy Tresidder campaign signs from the yards of Oswego residents. Fake and derogatory Facebook pages that slander Amy Tresidder. These appear to be coordinated efforts.

And I can’t begin to describe my disgust that a “leader” has his team engage in actions that are the very definition of cyber-bullying. What are they teaching our children?

These are the type of actions a young person would take. An immature person that directs an immature team. Is this a young person directing a team childishly? Or is this simply a young person lacking the maturity and ability to control a team. Are they high-fiving each other that they “pulled off” theft and cyber-bullying?

A young, immature “leader” is cute and funny in a childish junior-high sort of way. And might have been funny when we were children with no responsibilities, and just wanted to be more popular or get more “likes.”

But an immature “leader” is exactly what we don’t need. Or want.

And this isn’t junior high. This isn’t a childish game. This is serious business. Your job is at stake. Your family is at stake. Your standard of living and quality of life are at stake.

Amy Tresidder is a mature, focused, experienced leader. Amy Tresidder is focused on improving your standard of living. Amy Tresidder is focused on improving your quality of life. Amy Tresidder is the mature focused leader the city of Oswego needs right now.

Dennis Merlino


  1. I dont believe for one minute that a candidate would remove another candidates sign. I have had many of my signs removed from residents yards and I believe that they are being stolen for souveniers by our young people. I have had to replace a number of them especially after pledge week. For you to even suggest that is ludicrous.

  2. I agree with Brenda Rice, and can you prove it’s “his team” removing the signs and creating fake Facebook pages? Back up what you say with proof instead of throwing out mud to see what will stick. Billy Barlow has had his signs stolen and his mayoral Facebook page hacked but you don’t hear him or his supporters running around accusing Tresidder and her supporters. So who is the mature one here?

  3. I was at the mayor debate and Mrs. Tresidder offered no plan to improve the city. She rambled, hesitated frequently and when the candidates were asked what they specifically did for economic development she talked about the county promotion office and said not one thing that she did. The other candidates talked about what they specifically did to bring business to the community.

    To quote from your letter, Mr. Merlino, you say, “But an immature ‘leader’ is exactly what we don’t need.”

    In all due respect, you live in Fulton and you don’t own property in Oswego. I’m not sure who the “we” is that you are referring to because who is elected as mayor in Oswego has no bearing on Fulton. The outcome of Oswego’s mayor race has no impact on you just as whoever wins your mayor race has no impact on us.

    “We” here in Oswego don’t need propaganda from Fulton residents. “We” will base our decisions on what the candidates have to offer us. As Brenda Rice pointed out, pledge week (for college fraternities) is always when campaign signs disappear. It happens every year and has for decades. Not only that, but we get strong winds along the lake and signs have blown away. To accuse Mr. Barlow of a concerted effort to remove signs is nothing more than bullying not to mention childish. Heed the old adage, the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. What happens in Oswego affects Fulton, and what happens in Fulton affects Oswego. We are in this together. I am on the City of Fulton Planning Board as well as the Oswego County Planning Board.

    Every leader and every decision affects everyone else in the County.

    Tactics as offensive as cyber-bullying should never be tolerated. Not in our schools, not in our campaigns. It is an offense to all that we are teaching our children.

    It doesn’t matter if a candidate knows, or just should know, what their team is doing. A leader would have established clearly defined rules for all of their team to follow. This is a failure of leadership. With time, maturity, and experience I hope they learn right from wrong. Amy Tresidder is the better leader.

  5. It’s pretty presumptuous of you to assume that someone on Billy Barlow’s “team” is doing all of this stuff. Barlow doesn’t have a “team.” He’s running his own campaign. Oswego is a a college town. Missing signs and lawn ornaments has always been a problem. You have no proof that Tresidder even has signs missing, and you certainly don’t have proof that Barlow is responsible if there are any missing. To throw out accusations that you can’t back up makes you no better than Tresidder.

  6. Besides most of you don’t realize that it’s a felony to tamper with a political sign. I don’t know of any candidate wanting to jeopardize their political career

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