Amyloidosis Support Group To Meet Oct. 2

Amyloidosis is a potentially fatal disease caused by the production and build up of abnormal proteins leading to organ failure.

Amyloidosis can affect any organ and soft tissue. Symptoms can mimic other illnesses making diagnosis overlooked or delayed.

Early diagnosis is the only hope of a treatment option. There is no cure, but with early intervention there is hope.

The Amyloidosis Support Group is a non-profit charity that provides for Amyloidosis support meetings in 20 major cities in the US.

The Upstate Region holds meetings twice a year and attendees come from all over the Northeast.

Amyloidosis Support Group – Upstate NY will meet Oct. 2 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Rochester General Hospital – Weiner Conference Room, 1425 Portland Ave., Rochester.

The special guest speaker will be Dr.Suzanne Hayman Hematologist /Mayo Clinic

Patients, caregivers, family and interested medical staff are welcome to attend.

A complimentary light breakfast and lunch is provided.

RSVP requested – contact MaryAnn Kraft 585-334-7501 or toll-free: Muriel @ 866-404-7539.

For more information, visit