An Open Letter To Fulton School Community

Dear Parents, Guardians, and School Community Members,
I greet you with enthusiasm and optimism that the days ahead will yield achievement, pride and promise for every one of us.

Our faculty and staff have been planning and preparing, while our facilities and maintenance personnel have been working to make sure that our buildings are ready for teaching and learning.

As a district, we are committed to providing a respectful, responsible and safe learning environment for all students.

We believe all students must be provided quality educational experiences that maximize their full potential.

Through effective communications we will create a climate that supports thinking and learning and ensures high expectations are achieved.

Our first official day for faculty will be Tuesday, September 6, while the first day for students in grades 1-9 is Wednesday, September 7 (full-day) with kindergarteners and grades 10-12 beginning on Thursday, September 8.

Please reference the FCSD website for additional information.

I am confident 2016-17 will be a school year characterized by all students learning at high levels.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the new superintendent of the Fulton City School District.

My intention is to continue the tradition of excellence, which is the norm here in Fulton.

This will be accomplished through an unrelenting commitment to all students, collaboration with all district stakeholders, open communication and targeted accountability systems, and use of a high level of candor and sincerity, with your help I will ensure the most effective and efficient learning environment for all of our children.

The result of our work will be to achieve the vision of becoming the most improved and best Small City School District in New York State and in America.

I have established a personal goal of making sure each student and staff member in the district knows me no later than the beginning of our winter break.

Frequent classroom visits and attendance at school events will enable me to achieve this goal.

I also intend on being present at local events in order to meet and speak with as many parents and community members as possible in order to gain a perspective of the strengths and areas in need of improvement within our school district.

Our overreaching goal should and will be constant improvement and growth for all students.

We all recognize a quality education is not merely a destination, but a journey.

Continuing to challenge ourselves and accepting nothing less than “all means all” where every child achieves at a high level will serve as our mission every day.

You have my word my decisions will always be made with our children’s best interest at heart.

To our parents and community members, I ask and encourage you to be part of our school community and take full advantage of the wonderful things happening within the Fulton City School District.

Your voice and partnership are essential to our student’s success!

In my time here so far, I can tell you that you will not find a faculty, staff, and administrative team more committed to providing the best educational opportunities for all students.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff, we welcome your children back for another exciting school year!

Brian T. Pulvino
Superintendent of Schools

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  1. Dear Mr. Pulvino,
    I wish you well in your new position, and as a resident in the FCSD for 49 years, I can echo your statements in regards to the level of excellence here.
    Have a great 2016-2017 school year.

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