Analysis Reveals Governor’s Budget to Cost Family of Four $1,812 More Annually

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) today said if the Governor’s proposed budget passes, with the nearly $1 billion new taxes and fees, it will cost the average family of four an additional $1,812 just to live in New York.

Barclay cited a budget analysis released today which assesses the impact of the new taxes and fees proposed. The analysis calculates how much it will cost the average family if the proposed fees and taxes are enacted, including additional health care costs, court fees, state debt increases, tuition increases, additional traffic violation fines, and increases in real property taxes.

“This analysis illustrates how the Governor’s budget will negatively impact the families who live here, especially those who own their own homes in Upstate New York and pay property taxes,” said Barclay. “With these proposals, no one is looking out for the middle class family.”

The study reveals that the cumulative fiscal impact that the proposals will have on a family of four is estimated at $1,812 yearly, if the Governor’s budget were enacted with no modifications. The assumptions were based on a state population of 19.6 million, with 4.9 million families of four and a median household income of $53,448.

“These costs are in addition to the costs families are paying due to fee and tax increases brought on by last year’s budget. A similar study revealed last year it would cost a family of four nearly $3,873 in costs. Combining the two years, these increased taxes, fees and assessments would equal nearly $6,000 in extra costs for families,” said Barclay. “We need to reduce spending and further combine services. Otherwise, our state will continue to lose businesses and jobs to neighboring states in this competitive global marketplace,” added Barclay.

“We need to focus on reducing government spending, not increasing the crushing costs New York families already endure,” Barclay said. “I will not support the budget again this year and these new taxes and fees that put families at a further disadvantage.”


  1. I would like to see Will Barclay detail the specifics on what he thinks the state should do to balance the budget… not just criticize the governor and others in the legislature.

    Come on Will… stand up and be counted. Be aggressive instead of always counterpunching.

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