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Holland, NY – Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, NY went two-for-two at the Holland Motorsports Complex on Saturday evening, scoring his third Natioanl Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modified feature win of the season after earlier winning his second Casey’s TQ Midget Series main event of 2011.

Other Holland action included Alan Fisher of West Valley, NY making it  two straight wins in the Late Models of Tomorrow main, Ted “Big Show” Welshans of West Falls, NY notching his second Bank of Holland Charger feature of the year, and Chris Powers of Orchard Park, NY taking a first career victory in the 4-cylinder Hornet main. Eric Brown of Holland was victorious in a rough and rugged M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car event.

Dave Catalano opened up a wide lead early in the 30 lap National Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modified main event, while Jankowiak was moving up from his eighth starting spot, picking off his competitors one-by-one and patiently working through the field. Andy J. slipped by Joe Carbone for third on the tenth lap, and a lap later, was under Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. for the runner-up slot. Jankowiak then took off in pursuit of Catalano, who had a nearly full straightway advantage by this time. Without the benefit of a caution flag through the entire distance, Jankowiak managed to reel in Catalano, catching him on lap 25, and finally making an outside move around him to grab the lead exiting turn four on lap 27. Catalano kept it close over the remaining laps, but was not able to make a serious bid to re-take the lead, chasing Jankowiak across the line at the checkers. Amy Catalano bested a very tight four car battle for third, a full straightaway behind Jankowiak and her husband Dave.

Earlier, Jankowiak wheeled the Vinny Christiano owned racer by Arik McGruder for the lead on the 6th circuit of the 20 lap feature race for the Casey’s TQ Midget Series en route to the victory. Camden Barber motored into second on lap 12, but Jankowiak was long gone by then, and Barber was unable to make up much ground over the remaining laps of the caution-free event. Dave Wollaber had a solid third place finish, while early race leader McGruder placed fourth.

Alan Fisher survived a qualifying race incident and then just missed getting caught up in a major lap eight feature skirmish to take his
CPI/VSP Graphics Monte Carlo to the victory in the 25 lap feature race for the Late Models of Tomorrow. Fisher raced his mount by points leader Eldon King III after a lap nine restart, and was never challenged thereafter, rolling away to a full straightaway winning
margin. Nick Crassi made a late race pass on King to claim second, relegating King to a third place showing.

Ted Welshans circled his Swat Store/Boston Deli Malibu around Ben Harms on the eighth go-round, then ran away from the field in capturing the caution-free 30 lap Bank of Holland Charger main. Harms, who had led laps 3-7, then survived an intense battle with Nik Welshans and Jim Loffredo for the runner-up spot, earning his best-ever Holland finish. Nik Welshans claimed third, just ahead of Loffredo and a fast-closing Kris Hamann.

One week after giving up the feature race lead due to a flat tire, Chris Powers had lady luck smiling on him this time around. Powers
edged his Pro Fireplace/Vic’s Auto Service Honda around Samantha Lutz on lap 13 of the 3- lap 4-cylinder Hornets go, then held of consistent challenges from Lutz and his cousin Tony Carbone over the balance of the caution-free race. Points leader Eric Brown joined the lead battle late, but Powers was able to keep in front of a tight battle to record his first feature win. Brown nipped Carbone for the runner-up slot, while Lutz enjoyed her fourth straight top four finish.

Eric Brown did take a victory for the evening, as he somehow survived a mayhem and temper filled 12 lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car feature race. The finishing order behind Brown is currently unofficial and under review.

News and Notes

*Andy Jankowiak dedicated both victories and the remainder of his racing season to the memory of Debbie Hodick, and had Debbie’s racing #41 added to the panels of his Pro Modified … during the Pro Modified victory lane interview, Jankowiak reported that his engine temperature was running extremely high, and wasn’t sure how much longer the power plant would have lasted.

*A week after winning his first ever Charger main, Tommy Catalano’s evening came to an early close when he had terminal engine problems during his qualifier.

*A major incident on the 8th lap of the Late Model main had Mike Ticco’s ride vaulting over the front hood of the John McClurg machine – both entries suffered significant damage, and McClurg was reporting wrist discomfort and was treated by track EMT’s.*

*A month after major damage to his Late Model in a front chute wall-banger, J.D. Roberts was back shaking down his repaired racer.

*Great finish to the second 4-cylinder Hornet qualifier, as Samantha Lutz, Eric Brown, and Chris Powers charged to the checkers three wide, with Lutz scoring the narrow victory.

*The race for third in the Pro Modified main was tight, as Amy Catalano, Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr, Don King, and Kirk Totten were
dicing around one another for the final 10 circuits with Catalano prevailing for the number three spot.

*Four of the six feature races ran caution-free.

*Due to extenuating circumstances, the annual Holland Bar Cup Challenge, in which representatives from area taverns
compete in Speedway provided 4-cylinder cars, has been cancelled – the event was to have taken place on Sunday, August 21st.

The Holland Motorsports Complex will be back in action on Saturday, August 20th, with a full card featuring the National Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modifieds, Late Models of Tomorrow, Bank of Holland Chargers, Casey’s TQ Midget Series, 4-cylinder Hornets and the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Cars. Qualifying events will get underway at 5:00, with main events beginning at 7:00. For more information, contact the Holland office at (716)-537-2272 or visit the web site at

NASCAR National Overhead Door PRO MODIFIEDS –– 30 Laps: 1. ANDY JANKOWIAK (started 8th); 2. Dave Catalano (1); 3. Amy Catalano (7); 4. Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. (5); 5. Don King (6); 6. Kirk Totten (9); 7. Joe Carbone (2); 8. Jeff Ruddy (4); 9. Dave Johnson (3).
Qualifying Race Winner: Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr.

LATE MODELS of TOMORROW –– 20 Laps: 1. ALAN FISHER (started 7th); 2. Nick Crassi (3); 3. Eldon King III (6); 4. Josh Hathaway (1); 5. Gordon Trank (10); 6. J.D. Roberts (9); 7. Jason Gwin (11); 8. John McClurg (4); 9. Mike Ticco (5); 10. Sean Dolan (2); 11. Brandon Glover (8 ). Qualifying Race Winners: Nick Crassi, Alan Fisher.

Bank of Holland CHARGERS –– 30 Laps: 1. TED WELSHANS (started 3rd); 2. Ben Harms (1); 3. Nik Welshans (7); 4. Jim Loffredo (8 ); 5. Kris Hamann (10); 6. Rich Carnes (12); 7. Tom Northem (2); 8. Matt Welshans (9); 9. Jerry Kosmowski (6); 10. Tim Northem (4); 11. Tim Welshans (5); 12. Jon Richael (13); 13. Joe Fetzer (11). Did Not Start: Tommy Catalano, Mike Flaig, Mark Harsch, Marty Hughes. Qualifying Race Winners: Tom Northem, Ted Welshans.

Casey’s TQ MIDGET SERIES –– 20 Laps: 1. ANDY JANKOWIAK (started 6th); 2. Camden Barber (12); 3. Dave Wollaber (11); 4. Arik McGruder (1); 5. Hayden Newcomb (5); 6. Justin Mapes (10); 7. Kyle Hutchinson (7); 8. Bobby Holmes (8); 9. Jonathon Reid (3); 10. Wayne Turnbull (4); 11. Charlie DiRosa (2); 12. Eric Musto (13); 13. Owen Bednasz (9); 14. Jesse Qutermous (16); 15. Gordon Steffan (15); 16. Nelson Rung (14). Did Not Start: Ryan Hessler. Qualifying Race Winners: Dave Wollaber, Camden Barber.

4-cyl. HORNETS –– 30 Laps: 1. CHRIS POWERS (started 11th); 2. Eric Brown (17); 3. Tony Carbone (15); 4. Samantha Lutz (6); 5. Jeff
Szafraniec (9); 6. Sylvia Miszczak (13); 7. Ben Russo (14); 8. Ashley Kirchberger (16); 9. Bill Lutz (10); 10. Bob Marzec (12); 11.
David Warrior (21); 12. Dylan Carbone (8 ); 13. John Blinston (5); 14. Lou Carbone (3); 15. Nikki Kirchberger (7); 16. unknown driver – #91x (22); 17. Joe Mastrocicco III (1); 18. Eric Marzec (4); 19. Jerry Toms (2); 20. Tim Boyce (19); 21. David Farnham (18); 22.
Jesse Baker (20). Qualifying Race Winners: Ben Russo, Samantha Lutz.

M&M U-Pull-It FIGURE 8 CARS –– 12 Laps (unofficial after 1st place as of Saturday evening): 1. ERIC BROWN (started 8th); 2. Eric Marzec (5); 3. Bob Marzec (1); 4. Bill Lutz (2); 5. David Farnham (7); 6. Jason Adams (3); 7. Joe Mastrocicco III (4); 8. Jerry Toms (6). Did Not Start: Jesse Baker.

For more information, contact – Rick Mooney: [email protected] or Tim Bennett: (716) 537-2272