Animal Art Works on Display at Oswego Public Library

OSWEGO – If you visit Oswego Public Library any time soon, you’ll be intrigued to find some very unique animal sculptures hovering on the walls and in other places.

Created by Nick D’Innocenzo of Oswego and on loan from him, the animals are a delight to behold.

There are a dozen animal sculptures on display on the main floor of the library, including a herd of wildebeests, a cheetah, a nyala, a screaming baboon, a mandrill, several birds, a longhorn, a rhinoceros, and a very friendly looking jaguar.

The wildebeest sculpture is a gift to the library and will remain on display permanently.

D’Innocenzo loves animals and shared his creations with the library so many people can enjoy them.

Creating animal sculptures is fun for him because it is quite the opposite of other things he does, like painting on a computer.

The animals are made from mixed materials such as roof flashing, aluminum and pop rivets, muslin, wood, and welding rod.

D’Innocenzo is currently working on two more projects, a series of panoramic prints of the locks on the Oswego Canal and a seven-foot tall composite of animals that he has titled “Animi Absurdi.”

Adults and children alike will enjoy D’Innocenzo’s creations on display at the library.

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  1. My favorite is the multi-coloured monkey! But most people really, really love the rhino! They are all wonderful works, and the wildebeasts are going to be apart of the library for a while, for us all to enjoy (I’ve heard).

    IF you haven’t gone over to the library to see these charming and truly marvelous works, you should stop by and check them out! They sort of look over your shoulders as you make your selections!


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