Another Restaurant Will Try to Make Tourism Center Work

The Fulton Tourism Center building, in a 2009 photo.
The Fulton Tourism Center building, in a 2009 photo.

Yet another restaurant will open in the Fulton Tourism Center at Bullhead Point, trying to do what others have failed to do: Generate enough business to stay open.

This time, though, it’ll be one of the landmark food businesses of Fulton: Mr. Mike’s Seafood.

City lawmakers this week approved — with some dissent — a lease agreement with Fred and Marilyn Bevacqua, Mr. Mike’s owners.

The lease calls for the Bevacquas to pay rent of $200 per month plus all utilities.  In return, the building will be open so people can use the public bathrooms, which Mr. Mike’s will maintain.  And Mr. Mike’s will pay twice the rate of garbage collection fees.

This is the fifth food business to try to make a go of what was intended to be a concession stand at what was supposed to be a building for tourists to get information about the city and region.

The most recent tenant, Renee Watts, closed recently, said Mayor Ron Woodward. “She didn’t make it. When another pizzeria opened up, it put her out of business.”

Woodward said Mr. Mike’s will move from its location on Broadway to the Tourism Center.

All but one of the other restaurants were startup businesses. Mr. Mike’s has been in the community for decades.

“That’s a well-established business,” said Common Councilor Dan Knopp. “Hopefully, people will come and have a fish sandwich by our beautiful lake.  Hopefully, this will be a home run for us.”

But Council member Tom Kenyon said bluntly that Mr. Mike’s will “never make it” at the Tourism Center.  The Center was built with a state grant that was intended to complement the then-new pavilion and pier at Bullhead Point.

“I think we ought to bulldoze it,” said Kenyon.  “That’d be the end of that.”

Moments later, he cast the only vote against the contract.

Mr. Mike’s can open in January.


  1. Mr Knopp, are you serious or being sarchastic? “our beautiful lake”? You are obviously blind and should maybe take a ride around the lakefront and better look around the rest of your ward. Oh, I forgot, anything the mayor suggests (even a tax increase) you will support because if I remember correctly didnt the city buy all of the appliances for the rehabilitated houses from your employer? Why dont you and the council start working for us taxpayers? “Wake up America”

  2. Great news on this building getting used again.Fred will make it work,he has a lot of faithful customers.Where they are now is hard to get into with all the traffic on Broadway and very little parking.Be like going to Rudys at half the cost.If only we could get this once beautiful lake cleaned up.
    Good luck to them.

  3. Good news!! I liked Mr. Mike’s on Third St. for years but have had trouble sliding in and out of traffic and parking on Broadway. This is a darn good idea! Now I can pull in, easily park, and get a good meal, perhaps eating it at the neat pavilion there and enjoying the lake. Please advertise this a lot including a big sign at the location.

  4. Brilliant idea Councilman Kenyon! That type of thinking is why Fulton is on the down slide. At least the previous restauranteurs tried to make a run at supporting Fulton’s lackluster and flat business base. What has City Council and the Mayor done to improve this??? Offering to bulldoze the facility achieves nothing Tom. Fred has been in business for years and frankly I don’t see him going under in short order. One city can only support so many burger joints and pizza shops. Here’s some advice Tom: Instead of offering whacked out advice and try to doom a businessman to fail, try to help the city you were elected to serve!

  5. Way to build confidence, Mr Kenyon.

    Good luck to the crew of Mr Mike’s. They have great food
    and great prices.

  6. More words of wisdom from councilor Kenyon, instead of promoting business for Fulton he suggested bulldozing a building on our lakefront. Just wonderful!

  7. Yes the other businesses were start ups and failed even with all the breaks on rent. Mr Mikes has had a following for years and will continue whether he is on W 3rd, W Broadway or at the Point. This will give his customers easy excess and on nice days be able to dine outside under the pavilion. I think it is going to be win situation for all. As far as to Mr Kenyons comment is really absurd!!!!!!!!! Mr Kenyon I am really surprised you would ever say such a thing. Maybe the standing powers in Fulton actually are trying to improve Fulton with what they have to work with and it sounds to me that you would be in favor of bull dozing maybe a good section of West Broadway businesses along with other businesses on 481. This would allow to make the streets wider so that more traffic can breeze through Fulton without stopping!!!! Du on your part Mr Kenyon.

  8. I would not say that the new pizza place ran Renee’s out of business. I gave Renee’s a shot a few times and was not happy with the food quality.

  9. What a deal for the city! We furnish them with paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and plow them all winter. All for $200 a month. Of course, the people of Fulton forget that there is ULYS seafood on third. What about them? They have been a staple of Fulton for generations. How about Sweet Inspirations, Lakeview Lanes, and the Chick-N-Chop, that sits there paying taxes. I bet if you went and asked them, they would really be happy about it too. As far as the pavilion being beautiful, have you ever looked at those tables lately? Just go and sit on one. There is seagull crap all over them. But by using the seagull crap, Mr. Mike’s can save money on his tartar sauce. It is no wonder none of you knew about any of these things. All you do is sit on your computer and nail me all day. PS: If you start choking on your fish sandwich, don’t dial 911 because our fire truck won’t start and Menter ambulance will never come. Just drive yourself. Oh that’s right – you can’t drive yourself to our hospital because we don’t have one! I have nothing against Mr. Mike’s personally. I just feel that we should winterize it, and use it for what it should be used for – the taxpayers of the city. I suggested a bait shop, paddle boats (that is if they don’t dissolve,) or a recreation center for kids. But since the City of Fulton wants to play the roll of a real estate broker and rent out another building to take care of, my suggestion was to just bulldoze it and save the taxpayers money. By next year, none of this will matter anyways since the city can not run with the equipment we have, the debt we are in, and in the direction that we are going in.

  10. I personally do not have anything against Mr.Mike’s Seafood but I certainly do not see where they should get a break over the other business’s in Fulton. Mr. Kenyon is right, how does giving one business over the others a break in the same area fair?

    Mr. Mike’s Will pay $200 a month in rent, clean bathrooms with supplies paid for by the City of Fulton, and pay double the garbage pick up. Double the garbage pick up is $78 every three months, really? I would venture to say the other business’s in the area would like to make a deal like that. The city will pay for all snow removal, do all business’s in Fulton get free snow removal? Do all business’s get free maintenance on their buildings?

    How is Mr. Mike’s benefiting the city by renting out this space that was built and paid for by a grant? The only people benefiting from this is Mr. Mike’s by having low cost rent which $200 is unreal for rent in this day and age for anything! The city just lost tax revenue from a business that was already well established while other business’s are still struggling to stay open while they still have to maintain the upkeep on their free standing buildings, pay people to clean their bathrooms (and buy their own cleaning supplies) and most of all pay CITY TAXES!!

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